Chain Necklace

Do you wish to purchase a chain necklace but don’t know which to choose? Don’t worry, the tips given below will help you to make the right choice:

#1 The Type Of Chain

Pick the type of chain depending on your or the giftee’s persona and whether you will add a pendant or not. The necklace you choose should be strong enough to accommodate the weight of the pendant. Also, the links should be fine enough to be able to slip the ring of the pendant. Thinner designs are more suitable for women, whereas men will prefer more massive chains with coffee bean links. However, both genders love to wear large link chain necklaces nowadays. 

#2 Think of The Length

Start by choosing the length of the chain. This depends not only on the style of the person to whom you plan to offer the necklace but also on their morphology. We will discuss the morphology thing in the next point in detail. 

Right now, note: 

  • If you plan to give a chain to a man, choose a chain that is approximately 50 cm long. A necklace with this length will arrive at the level of the collarbone.
  • If you are looking for a chain for children, go for 30 or 35 cm for children under three years old, between 35 and 38 cm for children from 3 years to 8 years old. For young teenagers, choose a length of 40 cm so that it can accompany them until adulthood.

Common Models (Size) Available Online

Choker – 30 to 35cm

Worn alone or with small or precious pendants, this designer jewelry is more appropriate for angular faces or long thin necks. The chokers are very elegant and are highlighted with collars.

Crewneck  – 35 to 38cm

Length suitable for solitary pendants, it goes with all necklines. You can wear it with both – your chic outfits as the casual look.

Princess – 38 to 50cm

A great classic, it has the advantage of adapting to all necklines, all body types, and different styles of outfits. It goes down to the top of the bust and highlights the throat.

Matinee long necklace – 50 to 60cm

Particularly suitable for round faces. But it takes on all its elegance when you wear it with a suit or a gown.

Opera 60 to 81cm

Often worn lined, it is suitable for all body types and matches all your clothes. It looks very chic when worn with a deep neckline shirt. People often give these as good luck necklace.

#3 Pay Attention To Body Shape

When choosing a necklace, don’t just consider its beauty and the infatuation you feel when you see it. Of course, that matters a lot, but it’s not all that matters. If you wish to have the ideal necklace, do it according to your morphology. There are some basic rules to follow. Let’s see the most important of all here. 

Which Necklace For Which Body Type?

Here is a small illustration that shows you the different morphological types that are found in women. They each have their own particularities and therefore require different preferences.

The following section lists the physical features that will influence your choice of necklace. We will focus mainly on the neck and overall shapes.

If You Are Short 

Short height people should favor necklaces also small in size, carefully avoiding long necklaces. The most suitable are those that stop at the beginning of the chest. Size indeed plays a very important role in choosing the ideal piece of jewelry. Short figures appear smaller when the necklace is long and taller when it is small.

If You Have A Round Figure 

You need to choose a necklace that is both long and imposing. If it is too small, it may appear tiny and therefore accentuate your physique. The ideal for you is to go with large stone jewelry like those with big pendants. On the contrary, you should absolutely avoid small necklaces!

If You Have A Small Neck 

Adopt a large link chain necklace. It will lengthen your figure, particularly your upper body. You may think that a short necklace could possibly hide the small neck, but it will do the opposite. 

large link chain necklace

If You Have A Long Neck 

Instead, choose a small or choker necklace. 

That’s it. Lastly, note: If you have a body shape adapted to almost all models, you are spoilt for choice! 

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