Thor: Ragnarok

In most years, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are treated to two new films. But 2017 is the start of a new chapter. Starting this year, there will be three MCU films hitting theaters!

We open with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on May 5th. Then on July 7th, Tom Holland swings into theaters as everyone’s favorite neighborhood spider in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Then the year concludes with Thor: Ragnarok on November 3rd.

Now there is plenty of reason to be excited for all three of these films. Especially as a fan of Marvel, each film has plenty to offer. Guardians will feature the shenanigans of Star-Lord, Rocket, Baby Groot and the gang. Spidey will be the first full film for our newest take on the iconic hero.


But as exciting as those two films are going to be, it is the third Thor film that fans should be looking forward to the most this year. And here are three reasons why.

Gladiator Thor and Hulk

When the first batch of official photos were released, the God of Thunder was looking a bit different. He was sporting a short haircut as opposed to his trademark long locks. He was wielding two swords as opposed to his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Finally, he was sporting some facepaint.

When you pair all of that up with the film’s description, it is pretty clear we are going to be seeing a fierce warrior version of Thor this time around. He will be battling for his life, and it is going to come in a gladiator type of setting. And if the idea of seeing the son of Odin facing off in a head to head battle in a stadium is not enough to get you excited, add in the fact that one of his opponents will be none other than the Hulk!

With that, it is clear we are entering Planet Hulk territory. While we will not be getting an entire film dedicated to the beloved storyline, the fact that we are getting the small piece of it is still exciting. So Thor won’t be the only Avenger suiting up in some gladiator armor in this one.

Things Are Going To Get Strange

If you stayed for the credits during Doctor Strange, you know we already have a connection between the Sorceror Supreme and Chris Hemsworth’s character. Anytime we get another member of the universe to pop into another character’s film it is a reason for excitement.

Based on what we know, it appears as if Strange will be used in an effort to help find Odin in New York. So his screen time will likely be on the shorter side, but there is plenty of reason to believe it will be a fun couple of minutes. Strange has a high ego. Thor still does not understand everything about Earth and how things operate. So putting those two together will lead to plenty of laughs.

Speaking of laughs, then add in Loki. We already know Strange does not like Loki. Something tells me Loki is not going to like Mister Doctor either. These interactions will be worth the price of admission alone.

The Lead Into Avengers: Infinity War

The road to Infinity War continues. And of the three films this year, this is the one that will have the greatest link to the blockbuster set to hit theaters in 2018. The last we saw Thor, he was very interested in researching Infinity Stones. So you can bet they will play a key role in this movie.

With the Soul Stone still out there, it is entirely possible that we learn Heimdall is in possession of it. The revealation of the sixth and final stone would certainly be a big deal. Add in the fact that Asgard is already home to the Space Stone, and things could certainly get interesting.

While Thor will have his hands full with Hela, the thought of Stones playing a role also adds another layer to the film. Could we see the big purple baddie Thanos? Marvel’s top brass has already teased how this film will help lead into the next Avengers film. So what better way to do that then have Thanos wreak havoc towards the end of the film?

So there you have it. While the first two MCU films of the year are poised to be fun, it is the third that should be the most anticipated. The third chapter of the Thor franchise has plenty of reason for excitement.

So which 2017 MCU film are you most looking to? Tell us in the comments!

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