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3 Safety Rules to Know Before Buying a Motorcycle

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The rules of the road are designed to protect everyone—vehicle drivers, motorcycle drivers, and pedestrians. This is due to the high energy, high risk environment that the road facilitates, and that risk applies to everyone. Over the years, motorcycles have both gained in popularity and become rather dangerous in their position on the road while having little to no protection around the biker.

It is vital that if you ride a motorcycle, you take the necessary steps to protect yourself against being in harm’s way. As fun and convenient as motorcycles may be, you are still alongside moving vehicles significantly larger than you. Without any physical barriers between you and said vehicles, you are susceptible to far more bodily harm than they.

Study the guidelines below to understand just what precautions you can take to further protect yourself against serious injury or worse:

1. Know Who to Contact in Times of Need

Being a motorcyclist can be very dangerous, and it is very possible that you may find yourself needing legal representation, even if you do not get injured. Due to the smaller ratio of motorcyclists to car drivers, it can be challenging to find legal representation that knows your situation.

Legal representation like a Corpus Christi Motorcycle Accident Attorney will assure your safety and compensation for any accident that could occur on the road. It is good to be aware of who to reach out to prior to an accident, so you can avoid less appropriate lawyers who might approach you personally for representation, which could lead to a less than successful case.

2. Follow the Rules of the Road

Just because you are not in a car does not mean you do not have to abide by the same laws. Even as a motorcyclist, the speed limit still applies to you, the road markings still apply to you, and the imperative fact that you must be fully sober and awake still applies to you.

Also, be sure to only ever be up to twenty feet away from the car in front of you to avoid any complications should they slow or stop unexpectedly. You never know where the car in front of or beside you is going, so do not make assumptions and drive as though they are leading you to your destination. Be constantly aware and in a position of quick response.

3. Wear the Proper Attire

Helmets are imperative to riding a motorcycle. Helmets should be specifically the variety that surrounds and shields your head to your shoulders, and not just the kind that covers the top of your head like the type that recreational bicyclists often wear. This is to ensure you will not hurt your head should you fall off your motorcycle, which is something you are very susceptible to considering the typical speeds at which motorcyclists may ride.

Also try to wear gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads for the same reason. While you may feel that it does not look as “cool” to be openly protecting yourself against the potential dangers of motorcycle riding, it could protect your skin and limbs in case you are somehow pushed off your bike.

As far as your clothing goes, do your very best to avoid things like wearing mostly black at night, as it will make you less visible to the cars around you and put you in serious danger.

Final Thoughts

As unfortunate as it is, motorcyclists are constantly at risk for getting hurt out on the road. As fun as the sport may be, it is so important that you take the necessary precautions in order to keep yourself safe at all times. You never know what might happen, and you need to be ready every time you get out there.

Remember these tips and tricks the next time you get on your motorcycle and know that you can have fun while still being aware and safe.

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