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Are you planning to launch your product’s booklet or magazine? Although you may have an immaculate design, getting your magazine printed isn’t as easy as it looks. There are so many factors that affect the appearance and cost of a magazine booklet printing. If you want to save yourself from any surprise expenses or bad experiences, learning about them is important. 

Below are the key points that are necessary to consider when planning to print a magazine:

Binding Style

Magazines are generally bound with two techniques- the Perfect Binding method and the Saddle-Stitch method. Which binding style you should choose depends upon the number of pages of your magazine.

If the page count of your magazine is less, the Saddle-Stitch method is ideal for it. In this method, all the sheets are attached together through wire staples. The staples are inserted through the spine of the magazine to secure all the pages as a unit. Through this method, you can obtain simple yet professional appearing magazines. And when it comes to price, the saddle-stitch method is very economical. Other than being affordable, it allows the magazine to lie flat when opened. This way, the reader feels more comfortable while reading. 

The other method is the Perfect Binding method. It is for magazines with a high page count. A perfect bound magazine is produced by gluing all the pages, including the cover, together at the magazine’s spine. And after the pages are attached, other magazines’ sides are trimmed to give your booklet a finishing look. The price of a perfect bound magazine is comparatively higher than the Saddle-Stitch method. But it offers a great advantage that Saddle-Stitch methods don’t, making it worth your money. The benefit is- perfect binding allows printing on the spine of the magazine. This way, you can give your magazine a more attractive look.

Friendly Advice: Always decide the printing method you want before hiring a magazine printing service.


Dimensions have a great impact on the price and looks of your magazine. Generally, the wider the dimensions, the higher the price. Dimension refers to the height and width of a magazine in its finished form. You can print your magazine in any size you want. But picking any random size isn’t the right choice. If you wish to eliminate your competition, follow them like shadows. Identify the dimensions of their popular magazines and check whether it fits your needs or not. Other than following your competition, the market study is also important. 

There are so many bestseller magazines available in the market. Study everything about such magazines- from the size of their texts to the size of the pages. Research on this topic will help you identify an ideal dimension. 

It is one of the most difficult tasks of the magazine printing process. Once this task is complete, pick a printing service accordingly. Look for those magazine printing Miami dealers who can offer the highest quality prints for a price that suits your budget.

Ink Colors 

Business magazines of many brands include full-color pages and a full-color cover. It’s because the full color offers maximum visual impact to the reader. Choosing the colored variant is especially important if your magazine includes advertisements. Also, many magazines are seen with a mixture of black-ink texts and full-color images.

Does this mean you can save money using more black-ink pages than colored? The answer is Yes. However, you can save many dollars from your budget. But if saving money affects the appearance of your magazine, it’s of no use.

Final Words

The above were all the necessary key points that you must consider when picking a magazine printing service. Do tell us whether about your choice or opinions in the comment section below.

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