Zanzibar is a collection of islands in the Indian ocean. It comes under the jurisdiction of Tanzania and is an important tourist destination in Africa. Apart from tourism, Zanzibar is also famous for its spices and a large chunk of spices are exported from there to different parts of the world. Other than that, cheap Flights from Zanzibar are also some of the most loved things.

The history of the civilization of the islands dates back to 20,000 years. In these times, different ethnicities and races came to the islands. Today the islands reflect a mixture of diverse people. Along With that, there is also a modern life touch to it that makes it a perfect place to spend time.

But the important question is, what are the 3 things to do in Zanzibar?

Below are some of the things which will occupy your time in Zanzibar.

Cheetah’s Rock

This is the most bizarre experience you could have. If you are an animal lover or like to take up challenges, this experience will be best for you. In Cheetah’s Rock, the guest gets close to the exotic African beasts that include rescued zebras, lions, monkeys and other creatures. However, every safety measure is taken before. The meeting is held in a safe environment with professionals available on the site all that time.

In this exchange, you will be able to feel and connect with the animals that you will never see in your life. There is no comparison between seeing an animal in a zoo versus seeing them in person. In this setting, the animal can express itself fully and chances are you might build up a relationship of trust with the animal in a short time.

Changuu Island

This island is a part of Zanzibar. There is a shipping service to take you to your destination. In addition, it also has an international airport from where you can get Cheap Flights from Zanzibar to any other place. On the island, you will find shapes of both history and the present. There is a museum in honor of the victims of the slave trade. With that, it also has a full-fledged beach life with many exotic restaurants and wildlife. The turtle and dolphins are the main attraction here. Because of its past, the island is also known as the prison island. The balance of nature, history, and modernization is best displayed in those islands.

World-Class Water Sports

As water is abundant around the islands, the authorities decided to use them for their benefit. Any kind of water sport is available on the islands. These sports include diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and windsurfing. Apart from that, you can also catch fish after hiring a boat. Even if you have any kind of preference, there is enough variety of water-related sports that all your wishes will be fulfilled.


Even if you have already made plans to go to other places, still you should visit Zanzibar. You will get cheap flights from zanzibar that will be worth it to make a stopover. Since the pandemic has hit the world, many people are still suffering from its aftermath. Zanzibar can be the best place for them to relieve their stress and frustration. In addition, here, it will be easy to maintain social distance.

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