Test pH Level of Water

As it is a solution, the chemical properties of water depend on its make up. It can be neutral, basic or acidic. The pH scale determines if a solution is acidic, basic or neutral. The pH value of a solution ranges from 0 to 14. pH stands for the power of hydrogen. pH tells the number of hydroxide ions or hydrogen ions present in the solution. Acidic solutions have a high concentration of hydrogen ions and therefore, they have a low pH level. For example, the pH of citric acid is 2.2. Basic solutions have a low concentration of hydrogen ions and therefore, they have high pH levels. For example, the pH of oven cleaners is 13.5. The pH level of a neutral solution is 7. It is easy to test the pH level of water. You can use one of the following three methods.


pH Level Tester for Water

You can use a pH metre or pH level tester for water to check pH of water. Depending on the type of pH metre, you may need to calibrate it. If you already know the pH level of a solution, dip the probe in that solution to see if it gives accurate readings or not. Calibrate the portable pH metre at least a few hours before you use it. Make sure that the probe is clean. Rinse it with clean water and wipe it down using a clean tissue. Pour water into a clean container. Leave it untouched until it achieves a stable temperature. The water temperature also affects the pH reading. Therefore, in addition to a pH level tester for water, you also need a thermometer to measure the temperature of water. Adjust the metre according to the temperature. Dip the probe into the water to measure its pH level.


pH Papers

Add water you want to test into a clean container. Make sure that you have enough water in the container to cover the testing strip. Dip the test strip into water and wait for a few seconds. You will see that the colour of the testing strip is changed. Now you can use this strip to measure the pH level of water. The pH papers kit also comes with a pH colour chart. The matching colour on the chart tells the pH level of water.


Litmus Papers

Litmus paper is different from pH paper. You can use pH paper and pH colour chart to test the pH level of water. On the other hand, the litmus paper simply tells if the solution is acidic or basic. Add water to a clean container and make sure that there is enough water to cover a litmus paper strip. Dip a litmus paper strip into the sample and wait for a few seconds. If you dip a red litmus paper in a basic solution, the litmus paper strip turns blue. Similarly, if you dip a blue litmus paper into an acidic solution, the litmus paper strip turns red. You will see no change of colour in blue or red the strip if the sample is a neutral solution.

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