Everybody wants to look great all year long. Yet it’s the summer season where most men and women look for ways to look and get sexy. They aim to flaunt their fit and beach-ready body as this is the best season to show-off more skin.

Here are some ways to look and get sexy this summer:

1. Keep yourself fresh and hydrated.

Sweaty is not sexy. And so as dry skin. Take extra effort in keeping yourself fresh and hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and eating fresh fruits such as watermelons and cucumber.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin and put on sunscreen before leaving the house. If possible, take a bath at least twice a day to keep you smelling fresh all day. Also note that this is not the time to wear on heavy and musky perfume. Embrace the lighter and fruity-smelling fragrances instead.

2. Choose a flattering swimsuit.

Know your body shape and choose a swimsuit that flatters you.

Pear-shaped. This body shape have a greater measurement on the waist compared on the bust area. An off-shoulder bikini top is great to create a broader shoulder and bust effect.

Apple-shaped. An apple-shaped body tends to have a narrower hips and waist and a broader shoulder and bust. High-waisted bottoms give a curvy hips which balances the broad upper part of the body. Also add extra support for those who have bigger bust area.

Banana-shaped. This is also known as the boyish-body type. Most women who possesses a banana-shaped body tend to have smaller bust and lesser curve. Choosing a swimsuit with ruffles will create illusive curves. You may also add cushion on your tops to make your bust look bigger.

Hourglass shape. If you possess an hourglass body shape, then you’re lucky! This is the body shape that has almost equal measurement on the bust and hip area while keeping a narrow waist. Almost any swimwear will fit you so don’t be afraid to flaunt what you have.

3. Wear light makeup.

Most makeup tend to melt off especially on a hot weather. As much as possible, only wear light makeup. A simple concealer and tinted moisturizer may be enough during these days. Also swap heavy lipsticks with colored lip balms.

4. Be confident!

Confident people are attractive people. Avoid slouching and practice a good body posture to accentuate your best body asset. Display composure and stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, focus on your own strengths.

Let’s say no to body shaming! We all have a different picture of what sexy really means. Whether you have smaller bust, or wider hips, flaunt it. Just don’t make it an excuse to neglect your health. While it really doesn’t matter if you have waist size of 30 above, it is still necessary to keep yourself away from obesity which can cause dangers to your overall well-being. As cliché as it may sound, having a balanced-diet and exercising is still a must to optimize your health. Nothing is more sexy than a healthy body!

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