Whether you stand at the proverbial head of a large business with connections right across the length and breadth of the United States or are the boss of a small and family-run fledgling company, you will undoubtedly always be searching for ways to grow and expand.

With that being said, continue reading to discover four innovative systems and programs that will revolutionize your business model.


1.   Professional Employer Organizations

Professional employer organizations, more commonly known by the acronym PEO, are a fantastic and incredibly beneficial and professional way of safely and securely outsourcing one or more administrative functions connected with human resources.

There is a myriad of advantages to a professional employer organization, both for smaller companies and larger, national, and even international businesses, which include but are in no way limited to:

  • Providing accessible and affordable employee benefits
  • Handling payroll more quickly and efficiently
  • Ensuring your HR department is entirely legally compliant
  • Enabling workers’ compensation
  • Organizing retirement plans, holidays, and sick leave
  • Arranging disciplinaries and dealing with employee complaints


2.   Cloud Software

More and more businesses across the length and breadth of the United States and beyond are making the switch to cloud software.

As the introduction of cloud computing means that your working business model will make the switch to operating primarily online, you will be afforded a vast increase in the amount of space you have. A good quality cloud software choice will mean you will be provided with many more gigabytes of space that ordinarily would take up your company’s hard drive and then some.


3.   5G Network

Another incredibly beneficial and innovative change to your business that you should at least consider introducing in 2022 is 5G.

Essentially, 5G is the absolute latest generation of wireless technology and will provide yourself, your workforce, and your company’s systems with a considerably faster and more reliable internet connection, which will mean you can invest in the latest smart devices for your office safe in the knowledge your intranet can handle them and is incredibly helpful if you have a significant number of employees who work remotely.


4.   Social Media Group Applications

If your business is active on a range of different social media platforms, it can sometimes be somewhat time-consuming and more than a bit frustrating attempting to produce innovative and exciting content that is entirely different across the various platforms.

However, social media group applications will take the stress out of such activities, allowing you to not post the same content (with different details dependent on the platform) onto different sites at the same time, but also allow you to pre-set and pre-plan content to be posted when you are nowhere near your computer.

Social media is incredibly important to growing and expanding businesses and has a plethora of fabulous benefits, including the way the media humanizes a brand, improving customer service and therefore customer satisfaction, and the speedy and effective increase in overall brand awareness.



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