One of the most remarkable consumer trends over the past two years has been the major spike in luxury car sales. In large markets like Canada, record-breaking growth has actually been driven by the number of consumers opting to purchase luxury brands like Lincoln, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

While there are many reasons for this sudden sales surge (attractive finance rates may have played an important role), there is little question that drivers see value in owning luxury cars beyond their value as status symbols.

Often vaunted as accessories for the rich, luxury cars are often incredibly well designed, and offer remarkable value for money. If you have long wanted to visit a local Lincoln dealership but have been held back by concerns about practicality, here are four reasons you should venture into the world of luxury cars this fall:

1.Top-Of-The-Line Performance

When people think of luxury cars, most drivers probably think of opulence — beautiful lines, the finest trim, a cabin fit for a king: in short, a vehicle that is not really meant to do much aside from look nice and deliver a sense of affluence.

But luxury vehicles are also engineered to offer superior performance, and some luxury vehicles, like the Lincoln Navigator, are even built with off-road capacity. For drivers who want a car that can go the extra mile under even the most challenging conditions, it actually makes more sense to buy from a premium brand.

2. Cutting-Edge Tech

In addition to offering a better driving experience and more reliable engineering, when it comes to tech, the latest luxury vehicles also come with some truly jaw-dropping features. Between wifi hotspots, self-closing doors, phone-as-key applications, full smartphone integration, and airplane-style screens embedded in the back of the front seats to keep back seat passengers entertained, luxury cars are loaded with the latest innovations for safety, entertainment, and convenience.

3. Improved Comfort

If you want a smooth, quiet, and frictionless ride, no vehicle performs like a luxury vehicle. The cabin of a Lincoln Continental, for example, is not only built with the best possible materials (Venetian leather, rich woods, and Alcantara fabric), it is engineered for maximum passenger comfort. This means everything from infinitely adjustable cooled seats that can also offer a massage, to heated steering wheels and ambient lighting.

4. Better Fuel-Efficiency

For drivers whose only frame of reference for a luxury vehicle is a hulking Escalade, it can be hard to believe that a luxury vehicle is a fuel-efficient choice. But in 2018, many luxury car manufacturers understand that their clientele are looking for a vehicle that is more environmentally responsible. For this reason, many premium vehicles offer hybrid or eco-friendly options. You no longer need to buy a Tesla to get an efficient luxury vehicle.

For a long time, there has been a common misconception that luxury vehicles are somehow the preserve of the very rich, people who can afford to waste money on frills and add-ons. But the latest generation of luxury cars are actually profoundly useful vehicles. While they are designed to deliver maximum pleasure, they are also some of the safest, best-performing vehicles on the road. So if you want your next car to handle everything the busy roads throw at it, consider purchasing your first luxury car this fall.

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