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There are times when, when listening to music, you come across an artist who makes you wonder, “Who’s on that track?” This is the highest compliment an artist can receive, because it means their talent has caught the attention of someone who wants to listen, but also want to share the music with another hundred people like themselves. There is a lot of competition today, given the fact that there are so many songs uploaded to a variety of platforms that are available all over the world. When an artist combines talent with emotion, the listener gets a front row seat to a masterpiece. This is the case for DMV artist Hailstackz and Baltimore-raised FRQNZY, who have released their debut track “4 The World”. 

Frqnzy takes the listener through his raw emotions of thinking back on past relationships that have absorbed toxic energy and asks the listener when to release such a partner and move forward on one’s own journey. Most people face this challenge every day, but lack the courage to pursue truth in their emotions or face their partner is a hard one. FRQNZY’s voice is perfectly complemented by Hailstackz’s melody and chorus; in addition, hailstackz offers a raw second verse discussing just how couples continue their relationship despite they both know what’s wrong.

It’s one thing to generate a huge amount of music, but it’s another to orchestrate it into a truly unique piece of music. With the release of their upcoming EP, “BiPolar Love”, the duo wishes to embark on a global tour; the dates include in-state as well as out-of-state, including dates in Europe, UK, Africa as well as Canada. Featuring a slew of chart topping tracks on the EP, the listeners are in for a ride of a lifetime.  I am excited to see “4 the World” setting new standards for dope artists, and we are looking forward to seeing the torch carried by these artists, who are pushing the envelope of what we consider “dope content.” HipHop’s legacy will only grow if these types of artists continue to speak their truth.

We look forward to what the future holds for FRQNZY and HailStackz.

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