By Sujain Thomas

Germs are part of life; they are in our homes and in our workplaces. And because the work place is a place where you will have different people coming in and going out, germs in the office do spread like a wildfire.

So, to keep your employees and customers healthy and safe from dangerous germs, you must get professional office cleaning services maybe on a weekly or monthly basis.

As we all know, a clean working environment will boost your employees’ mood and as a result, everyone will enjoy a conducive atmosphere as they work towards meeting your goals. But when it comes to cleaning up your office, there are certain areas that need extra attention so that at the end of the day, your workplace can be healthier for everyone.

With that said, here are 5 of the top areas that are known to pick up germs:

· Washrooms – The number one area that is known to pick up germs is the washrooms. Since everyone in the office will be using the same washroom area, the area needs extra attention. As a matter of fact, the washroom area needs daily cleaning. So, if you are hiring a professional cleaning company on a weekly or monthly basis, you must find an internal cleaner from your office to clean the washroom area every day. After washing, disinfecting is also very important.

· Working area – Your employees will spend most of their time in their working areas. So, the working area is one of the most important areas to clean up and just like the bathrooms, you don’t have to wait for the weekly professional cleaning services Greenwich CT. You can have someone from inside do the cleaning on a daily basis to reduce the chances of dirt, dust and bacteria building up.

· The taps – Kitchen and bathroom taps are prone to dirt. Since people will touch the taps with dirty hands so that they can wash their hands, the taps will definitely pick up germs. Therefore, your taps need to be cleaned up often.

· The waiting area – Most workplaces have a waiting area, a place where customers and visitors can sit as they wait to be attended to. Every customer and visitor will bring dirt and germs from outside which will unquestionably build up in your waiting area chairs, mats, carpets, door handles and so on. So, since it is the first place that your customers will look at to get an impression of you, the place needs to be cleaned up quite often.

· Breakroom – Breakrooms are also a perfect area for germs to hide. And since you will all be using the breakroom during meal times, the area also needs to be cleaned regularly. In addition to this, extra attention needs to be given to the refrigerator, the microwave, the counters and tables because they tend to be thick with grime, which makes them a haven for bacteria.

So, to ensure that you treat your employees and customers to a conducive and healthy work space, you must consider getting weekly/monthly professional office cleaning services.

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