What if you are going to that place, whose rich history may take your soul away? What if your kids want heaven in the lap of natural settings and wonderful sceneries? If you are searching for these questions too, then come to Kingston!!

Formerly Canada’s first capital city, the city of Kingston is way too advanced in its glittery lifestyle and luminous nightlife. You can get whatever you want to explore in this beautiful setup of Canadian style. From magnificent limestone historic buildings to vibrant cultural outlooks, Kingston is here for you, folks!!

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Kingston City Hall

Built in the neoclassical style, with an iconic dome, the Kingston city hall gives 19th-century vibes!! The excellent structure is connected with an amazing history that changed the political structure of Canada.

Regarded as the national historic site of Canada, the Kingston city hall offers its visitors an exciting journey within its historic walls. Guided tours are available for tourists on weekdays from 8.30 am until 4.30 pm to visitors.

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Lake Ontario Park

One of the best relaxing destinations for families and couples, the beautiful Lake Ontario Park is no less than a paradise in nature. You will get mesmerized by its undisturbed scenery without any doubt. The park comes up with a variety of recreational options like picnic areas, a waterfront walkway, a splash pad, and a playground.

Kids often find this place as more than a playing site; rather they find it a wholesome package for a fun outing. Families can spend quality time with their close ones; can do playing, and whatever they may like to do.

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Fort Henry

Highly recommended by its visitors, the marvelous Fort Henry is a world-known national historic site of Canada. Get some of your free time to roam around its historic walls!! Filled with wondrous scenes and exciting events, the Fort has not yet revealed its true identity.

Tourists get an amazing opportunity to see heart-pounding musical performances and precision military demonstrations by the Fort Henry Guard. The Fort also hosts some seasonal special ceremonies and events, which are worth watching.

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Kingston Waterfront

Have you ever been to a city with lovely scenes of its waterfront? No? Then you should think about Kingston Waterfront once, in your life!! Filled with exciting activities and thrilling views, this waterfront is highly recommended for families. The site is most famous for its astonishing parks, beaches, cafés, and shops, as well as stunning historic buildings.

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Kingston Penitentiary

How about taking a tour inside the closed jail of Canada without getting tagged as a certified criminal? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Then come out of your homes, folks!! The beautiful city of Kingston is awaiting your visit!

Kingston Penitentiary is a former maximum-security prison, which is open for visitors from February to April, and from May until October but with an appointment. Get a detailed tour of the prison with your family and know what life is like behind the bars!! You can take your diary or a camera to record the unexpected feeling when you get there.

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