As we carry on through 2021, many of us have left our nail salons in the past. Lacking either the time, the money, or both, most of us just can’t justify those frequent trips to the nail salon every other week anymore.

If you think that not going to the nail salon means no more cute nails, think again, babe. You can find any type of fake press-on nail you could dream of on the internet these days, and you won’t even have to leave your house to achieve that look. They will just magically appear on your doorstep.

What a world we live in.

Anyway, here are our picks for the top 5 cutest fake nails that you absolutely have to try out this year.

1. Flames

Pay homage to the absolute dumpster fire that was last year by rocking that flame style on your press-on nails. You could do traditional flames in hot red and orange working their way up from your cuticles set against a white background.

Or, switch it up and get a little more creative. Try a simple black flame against a brightly colored nail for a more edgy vibe.

If that’s a bit much but you still want to feel the heat, you can always go with one single accent nail with flames on it and make the rest of your nails a single solid color.

2. Holographic

If you were worried that the whole holographic trend was going out of style, we are happy to report that she’s here to stay awhile.

Holographic press-on nails are a cute way to show your devotion to (okay, maybe obsession with) this fun, three-dimensional light show of a style.

Plus, they’ll go cute with those holographic boots you have. And holo fanny pack. And all of that other holographic stuff that you probably have. No judgment.

3. Matte Black

We all have that friend who will not wear anything that isn’t black. We’re talking head to toe, even if it’s summer, all of their laundry is the same color type of people. For some of us, we are that friend. And these press-on nails were made just for us.

With a classic matte black finish, you can play these up with a few crystal decorations. If you’re leaning toward more of a spooky scary vibe, get a set of press-on nails in a stiletto style to intimidate your enemies.

4. Cherries

This is a change of pace from that last one, but still a cute pick. Cherries are a cutesy, flirty symbol that we associate with milkshakes, pies, and pin-up girls.

Play into this classic style by getting yourself a set of pink press-on nails that comes with one statement nail, featuring a cherry design.

Or, if you would prefer, try going with a uniform cherry color set. This sweet style is forecasted to be a winner this summer season.

5. Pink Chrome

If you want to look like a futuristic Barbie doll (seriously, who doesn’t?) order yourself a set of pink chrome press-on nails. These nails feature a classic bubblegum pink color with a chromatic, reflective sheen on top of them for depth.

They’re shiny, they’re bold, they’re cute, and they’re pink. What more could you ask for?

Order Multiple Pairs

If you’re looking at this list thinking “okay but I want all of those,” we have good news for you. You can buy all of these sets for less than a single trip to your favorite nail salon would cost. So get yourself a different set for the many facets of your personality, and get salon-quality nails from your couch.

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