Worried about the winters? Here’s an article explaining why your skincare plan is incomplete without a good-quality oil-free moisturizer and a face cream. This is especially true for men because they are usually not too inclined to use skincare products on a daily basis.

Cold, dry winds, woolens to warm up, and small bottles of moisture to keep handy – the winter season is already here, and these must be on your list to make the season of snow fun, enjoyable, and endurable too. Now, your warmers must be all washed up, your socks must be all in stock again, but what is your must-have list for your skin to be ready to embrace the season of snow?

Are you using an oil-free moisturizer too? 

Skincare is not just a routine that is as easy as getting up from the bed and brushing your teeth. It is a dynamic and constant routine that needs its alterations and additions from time to time with the changing atmosphere. If you keep on adapting, your skin looks healthy and nourished. 

But if you do not, you might end up having dry, flaky skin, or even worse – rashes and irritation. Now you may think why use a moisturizer when you already have a face cream for men and women in stock? There is a difference between the two and unless you know, you will not be able to ace your winter skincare regimen with effortless ease. 

What Is An Oil-Free Moisturizer?

It is a non-greasy skincare product that gets quickly absorbed on the skin and offers zero stickiness but plenty of moisture. Available as a cream or lotion, it helps in replenishing your skin cells so they may store a certain amount of nutrition and moisture, especially during winters, thus keeping you away from dryness. 

The best grade of an oil-free moisturizing cream or lotion is a non-sticky and non-greasy product that can lock moisture in the skin cells. It works as an easy solution to sail through the winter season without looking all smeared up with creams and lotions. 

Face Cream Vs Oil-Free Moisturizer

Face cream for men and women offers a very different experience, as compared to that of an oil-free moisturizing cream or lotion for the same audience. While the former has equally nourishing properties, the latter is more preferred by people during this season. 

It is because an ordinary face cream does not promise you non-greasy skin, but an oil-free moisturizing lotion or cream surely does. The latter helps in making your skin look bright, fresh, and charged up with every application. 

They thus have different specialties that make them have different audiences. Thus, in this season, where you need all the warmth and care, having an oil-free moisturizing lotion or cream handy would help you better.

Can Men Use Oil-Free Moisturizers?

Skincare has always been a unisex concept. 

 you can have a face cream for men and women, there is a reason behind it. The basic and major one is, men’s skin needs care too. So, if you are a guy who has been looking for a moisturizer that gets him through the winters without making him look like he has been applying oil on his face, an oil-free moisturizer is a better option. 

Mamaearth offers an oil-free face moisturizer that brings you home to nourished skin. With the goodness of nature in all the products, it helps in keeping your skin healthy. For acne-prone skin, this product helps in controlling oil production, giving refreshing skin, and preventing breakouts easily. 

Now that you know what this wondrous winter beauty can be for your skincare routine, why not take a sneak peek into some expert tips and tricks on applying it right? This will make sure that your skin has no trouble embracing colder or dry weather. Since oily skin comes with a dire need to try it out, let’s go through them all, one by one:

  • Keep It As A Makeup Base

We all love doing makeup, that is a fact. Some of us keep it minimal and sophisticated, just the basics, and whatnot. The rest of us love doing it the right way. Using a primer, then a foundation or a moisturizer, and all the steps that follow to give you the perfect look for the day. 

Now, using this oil-free product as a makeup base instead of a primer can work as a wonderful option. It would not just keep acne and pimples at bay but would help in keeping your skin from getting all greasy and would prevent ruining your look for the day. Winters come with dry winds and using this hydrating agent as a foundation for your makeup would make your skin look naturally healthy all day long!

  • Always Use On A Clean Face

If you are the traditional “Cleanse, tone, moisturize” routine follower, then you already know why we said what we just said. It is always advised to use an oil-free moisturizer once you have cleansed your face. It is because, when you wash your face with a mild face wash or cleanser, you tend to remove all the dirt, pollution, and impurities that your face has been having throughout the day. 

This would help the moisturizer to work efficiently on your skin and keep your skin from having pimples or breakouts easily. This skincare product works best during the winters so you could achieve your skincare goals. 

PS: You can google up for some online reviews today to make up your mind. 

  • Do Not Apply When Residual Makeup Remains

It does get exhausting to remove makeup, especially when winter nights call for a nice snuggle in warm cozy blankets. As a caution, we recommend that you should not apply an oil-free moisturizer over your makeup, no matter how minimal it is. It might aggravate your acne breakouts and increase the sebum production on your face, making your skin look dull and dry in the end. 

  • Do Not Apply More Than Prescribed

In amount or the frequency – avoid doing that. The best results come from applying an oil-free moisturizing cream or lotion twice a day. If your skin feels dry, we will also recommend you follow a healthy lifestyle as it would help in moisture retention in your skin too. 

A healthy diet and a workout help in increasing your water intake, naturally healing your skin from within. Thus, staying hydrated, having a good lifestyle, and not over-applying this product is necessary to achieve clear and healthy skin. 

  • Rest Often, Stress Seldom

Be it winters or summers, what you feed your skin internally and externally affects it in every way possible. Thus, make sure you are resting enough, getting adequate sleep, and trying to stay stress-free as much as possible. 

Summing up

It is the season that brings a new year and new possibilities closer to our lives, shouldn’t we spend more time planning it healthily? We recommend using a good quality oil-free moisturizer and a face cream to get the honors in the colder seasons.

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