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5 Storage Unit Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Small Self-Storage Room

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Having trouble fitting all your items into your storage space? Are things looking a little cluttered, unorganized, or messy? If so, you may be in need of a way to maximize your storage space such as using companies like Centron Self Storage. If getting rid of items is out of the question, here are 5 tips to help you find extra room in your storage facility.

Stack Items

Stacking items against a wall keeps them from being cluttered on the floor. Shelves and boxes can be used to stack items on top of one another. If you can reach the ceiling then the sky is the limit, giving your items a more cohesive look and reducing the amount of clutter in the space.

Use Double the Rods

If clothing is an issue, try doubling the amount of clothes you can hang in a certain space. This can be achieved by hanging a second clothing rod above or below the original one, giving the empty space in your clothing area a purpose. This can also take away the need for boxes of clothes, freeing up even more space in the storage unit.

Hang Items

If an item has a small hole on one end, it can likely be hung on the wall. This can also be done if it has a hook of some kind. Pots, pans, golf clubs, helmets, and more can be hung on walls in an organized manner. This technique can make your storage look much neater and keep things where you can easily access them. It also reduces the space taken in corners that is often used to stack long or large items like fishing hooks or hockey sticks.

Stack Boards Vertically

Stacking boards vertically makes them less noticeable in the room. They can be pushed against walls and hidden behind larger furniture like couches and bookshelves. Boards do not have to be laid flatly on the floor to avoid warping the wood if you use something to keep it straight and make sure the unit is climate-controlled. This is extremely important in storage units houston area, where it is known to be hot and humid.

Reduce Gaps

Gaps can take up more space that many people think possible. If you have an appliance that is not against the wall, it can take several inches of space away from your storage area. This space could be used to fit something else, or to better organize parts of the unit. Reduce the amount of wasted space by finding gaps and eliminating them by pushing items closer together.

If your storage facility seems to be a bit too small, you don’t have to upgrade to a bigger space. Instead, try these tips to greatly increase the amount of space you have to work with in your storage room. Stacking items on top of each other, using double rods for clothing, hanging items, stacking long boards vertically, and reducing gaps can give you tons of space you didn’t know you had access to.

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