There are a number of items you will need to purchase when you’re expecting a baby – a

crib, a bunch of diapers, a baby monitor and much more. But the most essential thing for your baby is their first car seat. The selection of  Kids car seats at Maxi-Cosi is a great place to head when selecting a car seat for your child. You’ll need a child’s car seat for many purposes like for the ride home from the hospital right up until your child is approximately 8 years old and can safely use a seatbelt. So, how do you select the right car seat for your baby? Here are some helpful tips for the shopping process: 

  1. Pick A Transformable Car Seat That’ll Grow With Your Baby:

For newborns, there are two types of car seats: a rear- facing and a convertible seat. Buying a convertible car seat will save you money and will last through your child’s early years. The only drawback of purchasing a convertible car seat is that you cannot take it in and out of your car like an infant car seat.

  1. Examine Your Budget:

Obviously, the safety of your baby is your prime consideration, but while thinking

about safety don’t make the mistake in thinking that the more you spend, the safer the seat will be. There will be a lot of options, including car seats that will last for more than six years under the budget of less than $100. Don’t spend money on a used car seat. Unless the car seat is brand new you can’t be confident that all its parts are authentic or have not sustained impact already during a car accident.

  1. Inspect The Fit:

Car seats are not available in one size fits all. Depending on the size of your car, you may need a small, medium or a large one. By looking at the back seat of your car, you can determine where you’ll place the car seat. You will want to install your car seat in the middle position of your back seat but in certain cars, the middle position is not wide enough. To be sure, measure the place where you need to set the car seat and compare the dimensions with the base on the car seat that you want to purchase. You may ask the retailer to show you the display model before you buy it so you can be sure that it fits your car properly.

  1. Install The Car Seat Accurately:

Inspect your car’s owner manual and the instructions that are available with the car seat, as this is the first step in regards to installing the car seat properly. In general, there are two options available to attach your car seat: either with the seat belt or a latch system in your car. While it’s great to learn how to install your child’s seat properly by yourself, you can also get a free consultation with a certified technician.

  1. Use The Car Seat Precisely:

The last major step is to make sure that your baby is totally secured once in the car seat. The harness should be adjusted in such a way that straps are coming from the right slot and are fitted well. Remember, the best and most secure car seat is one that is installed properly and used accurately.




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