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Sometimes, you want to commemorate a special event or accomplishment, but you want to give it a more personal touch or spend less money than you would buying a commemorative souvenir. That’s where designing custom items like t-shirts come in. Here are five tips for designing custom t-shirts.

1. Be Careful about Dates

The choice to add a date to your shirt or not depends on what the shirt is for. Are you commemorating a specific concert, event or competition you went to or participated in? If so, then including the date is probably a good idea. If your customization is more about fashion or novelty, then including the date on which the shirt was printed, for example, may not be the best choice.

2. Choose Fabrics and Other Materials

When you customize your t shirts, you should consider what materials you want to use as the base first and foremost. All your other materials and style decisions will center on that. Natural fibers make for lighter material, which allows your body to breathe. Think about where you’ll be wearing the shirt and with what other articles of clothing. If you plan to work out in it, look for fabrics with moisture-wicking or quick-drying properties.

3. Think about DIY Versus Professional Printing

The way you make your custom t-shirt is also an essential choice. Do you want to outsource it to a manufacturer or do you want to do it yourself? The decision depends on the reason you’re having the shirt made. If, for example, it’s a single shirt you plan to wear to a concert, you should be able to DIY it easily. There are several tools and materials available to make your own custom t-shirt at home. If, however, the t-shirt is a promotional item for an event you’re helping with, it’s best to seek out a professional printer who can mass-produce high-quality shirts relatively quickly for you.

4. Create Several Designs

Think about the style of shirt you want to use: long or short sleeved, what type of collar you want and more. Then, you can design within those parameters. Develop a few different designs, with varying colors, shapes and levels of detail. Show your designs to other people involved in the customization and see which is received best or if there are ways to combine various design elements to make it stronger.

5. Keep It Simple

Simplicity helps custom t-shirts stay evergreen. If your shirt has a minimalist design and a classic cut, it will be fashionable for longer. Simpler designs and fabrics also last longer in general. Additionally, if you want people to recognize the event or design on your shirt, it’s better to keep your design simple so people can recognize it at a glance. More intricate designs can be recognizable if done well, but can just as easily become confusing.

A custom t-shirt design can be whatever you want it to be. Once you know how to make one yourself or where to go to get your design printed, the sky’s the limit.

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