tips to get microblading

Eyebrows give our shape a lovely definition and an aesthetically pleasing look. To make the eyebrows look prettier, some people opt for a procedure called microblading which uses fine needles to transfer a colour pigment that gives eyebrows a fuller look. This is a tricky procedure and a lot could wrong as well. For this reason you need to know almost as much as the aesthetician doing the procedure to the most sensitive part of your body – the face. Here are a few tips to get microblading to help you get it done the right way.

Prepare your skin before the procedure

Microblading is a procedure similar to tattooing that is going to scratch your skin. So prepping up beforehand is necessary. Do not wax or thread your eyebrows for a week before the procedure so your skin isn’t bruised at all. Also avoid bleach as it may lead to odd discolouring around the eyebrows. You can also take steam and exfoliate your face gently to get rid of any grime, extra oil or dir. It will open up the pores and help to settle the pigment faster.

Pop a painkiller

People claim that microblading hurts lesser than a tattoo, but it is in the end a prickly procedure. Be prepared for a little discomfort and pain. Based on your pain tolerance level, you could choose to take a painkiller beforehand. Although the procedure itself involves the use of numbing cream around your eyebrows; if you are still unsure, a painkiller will also help to calm your nerves and you feel even lesser pain. You have to be very still during the procedure as flinching can spoil the shape of the light and delicate strokes. This is one of the very common tips to get microblading done.

Go with your natural eyebrow shape

It is important that you decide what shape you want well in advance and discuss it with your aesthetician. However, it is advisable to go with the natural shape of your brows and just enhance it a little more for a prominent effect. Going for a completely different shape requires a lot more work as you will constantly need to thread the extra hair and maintain it meticulously to make it look as good as new. Instead of this hassle, if you have a soft brow, go with it and just make it darker, or shape it well to give an enhanced appearance to you face. All in all, try to bring out your natural features as much as possible.

Proper aftercare

Microblading aftercare tips are extremely important. The procedure is just half the job done, which is taken care of by your aesthetician. What comes next is equally important and entirely your responsibility. Microblading takes around 10 to 12 days to heal. For best results proper aftercare is necessary. Avoid wetting the area for at least 10 days. Try to keep your face as dry as possible. The incisions in your skin will cause dry and flaky scabs; resist the urge to pick at them. Also, avoid makeup and the chemicals might enter the cuts and cause infections. Apply the medicated ointment given by your doctor for faster healing. Let it completely heal before you start threading or waxing around the area again.

Regular touch-up

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, which means that it is likely to fade away. If you want to keep sporting the same look, then you will have to give it frequent touch-ups. Usually it lasts for up to 2 years. However, it may start fading after the first year depending on your skin type. Oily skin causes extra sebum which fades the pigment away faster so if you’re an oily skin person, you may need a touch-up sooner. For others, a touch-up after 8 or 9 months is good enough to keep the same effect. If you want to change your look then it is advisable to completely let the effect fade away naturally. You could also get a removal procedure if you want the microblading effect gone sooner. However removal is costly and painful; it might also leave a scar.

Even after all the precautions there is a slight chance it might not go right. So make up your mind and give it a proper thought when you choose to get a procedure done on your body.

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