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5 Tips to Propose someone for Marriage


August 8, 2020

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We all know what they say, ‘Everything has a time.’ and once you’ve found the perfect time to propose the love of your life, you want that moment to be a little extra but not too cheesy. And therefore, you end up collecting ideas of all the possible ways to do so. But, marriage is a lifelong commitment of two hearts and, marriage proposal? A gut-wrenching yet, the exciting first step to that commitment. So to win your partner’s heart for a definite yes, here are a few tips to propose someone for marriage.

Know their likes and dislikes

Always consider your partner’s choices while planning for a proposal. Make sure it matches their expectations as everyone secretly fantasises this moment highly. Do not rush. People often tend to spend at least a year together before wanting to take a step ahead. Try to dig deep in what they find favourable and take unobvious hints when necessary.

Surprise your partner with the stuff they find beautiful and speechless. Recognise their style and keep that the theme. For example, floral decoration or metallic balloon decoration is one of the top choices of couples for this special day.

Decide a destination

There’s a list of things one can consider under this. Check your partner’s calendar plans beforehand and plan a surprise trip but, try to fit it on the weekend or holiday season. Take them to their dream destination or favourite spot. Again, look after what they might find perfect. There are instances when couples prefer a family meeting before this event or, they like family involvement as well. So, choose wisely.

Add a cherry on top

Tag an element of highlight to this event. That is, a ring or a piece of flawless fine jewellery to mark the beginning of the journey. You don’t want to get on your knee and propose without getting something to put on their finger or wrist. If they are not a fan of a ring yet, go for a pendant. A customised piece of jewellery always stands out and attracts more appreciation. Look out for their favourite type of jewellery although, many prefer and suggest a diamond ring to make their heart go boom.

Invest more time

As mentioned above, don’t rush. But here, don’t rush during the proposal. Let it be at a slow pace. Let your partner sink in the fact that you are proposing. Give them enough time to react. Most of the couples who now are married have an opinion to keep that 24 hours special and memorable. Let your proposal mark a special day in the next years to come. Start fresh in the morning with breakfast in bed or brunch, go for an adventure, watch the sunset while proposing the love of your life, and end the day with a romantic dinner.

Make it memorable

No matter how many things you try to cover for the proposal, it’ll never be enough if you lack your true feelings for your partner. Of all the materialistic things to impress your partner, don’t forget to tell them how much you’re looking forward to having a lifelong association. And what they mean to you. Prepare a speech maybe or sing a song, do what you’re great at doing.


At times like this, due to the overwhelming act of proposal, couples cry tears of joy, which is payback saying you’ve successfully left the other one speechless, impressed, and bound to say yes. Go ahead and capture the proposal’s event, hire a photographer, or ask a family member to do it secretly. Make a frame of what the night sky looked like during the proposal and gift it to the other when you mark your anniversary!

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