5 video marketing trends to consider in 2020

It is important to understand how your audience is changing in order to be successful in marketing, to understand their ever changing tastes and have the relevant technology at your disposal. You must understand the threats and opportunities that are expected. Video marketing is the same, because video platforms and their applications change faster than many other areas of marketing. Video has totally changed the way that we consume media as it is a much more interactive way of communicating with the audience. It is interactive and entertaining which is a good way of marketing one’s product to convey a message. 

Millennials enjoy watching videos and according to a study, 96% of consumers that are aged between 18 and 34 watch videos many times in one week. 

Video marketing trends in 2020

1. Time spent watching videos will increase significantly – people generally have an appetite for videos no matter how much they are already watching. Research shows that the average time spent watching digital videos each day increased little under 100 minutes in 2019. That totals a whole hour and 40 minutes each day which people spend watching videos on social media. In 2020 this number is set to increase to 108 minutes every day. 

If you are not already creating videos, you may want to start. Videos are a popular method of presenting what you have to offer. Explainer video production is thus on the increase as many people see the benefit of videos for their businesses. This is the quick way of getting people exposed to the product that you are offering. 

Include the word Video – research shows that including the word video in email subject lines increases the open rate, this will also mean that you should adapt your YouTube videos to suit your email and measure the results. 

Video expert – If you aren’t new to the video content creation scene, then you may want to use this trend to ensure that your extra time is spent on your own videos and not on someone else’s. In order to do this you need to consider how your audience will get to your videos, will they see a prompt to watch another related video?

2. Marketers tend to spend more on social media video adverts – there is great potential in video ads and specifically those on social media. If a video is placed in the right place, it can get the attention of people scrolling through their social media. Research shows that marketers are likely to increase their spending on social media video ads by over 23% in 2020. The overall US video ad spending on social media will rise to $13,44 billion. 

3. Personalised videos are important if you want to stand out from the crowd – personalisation is a marketing trend that is well known and tried and tested however personalising videos is a new phenomenon. Personalised videos make us feel more understood and considered, therefore making people develop a relationship with that particular brand. 

4. Video SEO – you can increase the traffic to your website by including video SEO. This has caused search engines like Google to inch this videos closer to the top of the search results. 

5. YouTube is the preferred channel for kids – kids love stories, whether by their parents or by a video channel. The biggest change that will occur in young people’s lives will be the amount of time they spend watching videos on YouTube. 

6. Live streaming – live videos make us feel like the ads are speaking to us directly. This feeling creates intimacy and engagement with advertisers and consumers in real time. Companies can choose to use videos to promote new products, make announcements, conduct interviews and events. Videos are simple to create and free as no editing is required and no special studios are needed. 

7. Video eLearning – these video tutorials and DIY videos are highly sought-after content. They have the effect of positioning your brand as the leading brand or expert in the field. 

8. Video vlogging – Vlogging is becoming popular amongst people today, especially on Youtube. Companies can, in the same manner, create vlogs to get viewers closer to their brands. They can get people to connect with them in a more human way and they are best because people can look at the behind the scenes of the product by checking out the team and its values. 

9. IGTV and vertical videos – many of us spend lots of time-consuming videos on our cellphones, much more than our computers or tablets. This is why it is important to create vertical videos. Thanks to Instagram and Snapchat this story format became popular, as well as Instagram’s new IGTV (Instagram Television). This tool allows you to upload a vertical video up to 60 minutes long. It is a great tool for those who aspire to be influencers as they don’t require much work to be produced.  

10. Great commitment to UGC (User Generated Content) – people tend to trust other people’s opinions and reviews that the brands themselves. More companies are now getting their fans to produce content and generate user interest, which the brands then reshare and capitalize on. It is great because it requires companies to invest little and receive free content. It is good to share these on social media platforms, as this will increase visibility and user engagement. Incorporate unboxing and review videos when introducing new products or simply advertising existing ones. 

Interesting facts about video marketing

  1. There are 8 billion videos viewed on Facebook daily
  2. Instagram video ads that are positioned on Instagram stories can increase purchase intent
  3. Instagram videos that are sponsored generate up to 3 times more comments than sponsored photos
  4. Youtube’s 6 second ads have the effect of generating more than 30% increase in ad recall

Above are ten of the most common video marketing trends for 2020, which are useful for any business. It is up to you to decide which will be more beneficial.  

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