Spend Time During Lockdown

The lockdown has changed how we do things or did things earlier. We are at home all day, even if we are working and constantly around our spouse. This could mean good quality time or after a while irritation. There are memes going around depicting couples as barking at each other during this period. But instead of getting angry and keeping to themselves, couples can use this time to spend with each other and come closer. Although this wouldn’t mean zero space and no “me” time. Space and “me” time is very important for all individuals. So, here are a few ways couples can spend time during lockdown together.

  1. Go on dates in the house

Just because you cannot leave the house, doesn’t mean you cannot go on dates. Dates have always been important to couples, even if they have been married for a very long time. It is sort of a couple time where they can enjoy good food and experience romance. But with the lockdown, things may be slightly different. Couples must still do date nights where they can either cook together or order gourmet food. Set up the table, add candles, bring out the fine china and add something special like fairy lights or Christmas lights of you have any, to enhance the ambience. Then dress up and meet each other in the “date” area. Doing these things can bring back the excitement of going on a date and make you feel better in each other’s company.

  1. Play games

What better to do on a free evening, then playing some video games. Grab on to those consoles and get started. The games will get the Adrenalin running and you will have competition from each other. Because you are only two players, you could use downloaded versions of the game. Have fun with the game. And if you want to become serious in gaming then hire a coach for the game you are playing, like, hire Rocket League coach. Get to know the finer points from them and it may make you a better player. A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody.

  1. Help each other in daily chores

Instead of doing chores individually, try doing them together. Something like, you wash the utensils and let your partner wipe them and stack them. If one is vacuuming, the other could do the dusting. You can even cook together. Stand in the kitchen area and chop your veggies, mix the sauce, boil the pasta, while talking and enjoying a glass of wine. But the fact that you are doing it together will make it less boring and you can catch up on all the gossip that you want to share with each other.

  1. Workout together

Sometimes working out can be boring, if you do it alone. It can difficult to find the motivation to exercise and workout in a lockdown. It is when you cannot go out that you may lose the will to get up early or find time to exercise. But if you do it together you can motivate each other to go that extra mile and pick up that dumbbell or get on that treadmill.

  1. Have downtime together

You don’t have to do something to spend time with each other to get closer. Sometimes you can just chill together as well. Don’t do anything. Just cuddle in front of the television watching movies or just watch the stars from your balcony. You can also put on some music and sway together one evening to live in the moment for a while.


These are some of the simple ways for couples to Spend Time During Lockdown but you might have your own innovative ways too. Why not bring your innovation into life at this time and see if that works?

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