Bed Bug Hiding Places

Ever wonder why you just can’t get rid of pesky bed bugs for good? It is because you never got rid of them in the first place. These little buggers are very shy insects that don’t show their presence often. Bed bug hiding places are not only the few obvious ones everyone talks about. There are some hidden places that help get these little buggers across to different surfaces and places.

Mattresses, under the bed carpets and everything in the vicinity of the bed are places everyone knows about. However, more hidden bed bug hiding places may be culprit of never having them properly gone. Even when you clean your beds and these obvious places, bed bugs still make their way back on to you. Here are some hiding places for bed bugs you must look out for:

Purses and Handbags

Bed bugs usually like everything with softness where little to no light gets around. Large purses and handbags are also often bed bugs hot spots. Naturally, you will only find small numbers of these insects in purses and handbags. But they can transfer onto other things like mattresses from there though.

Thing with purses and handbags is that they get taken everywhere. You only have to visit somewhere where bed bugs might be thriving. From there, purses and handbags become notorious bed bug hiding places. This easy route can infest your mattress and home with these pests as well.

When you get full-scale bed bug infestations, the only safe way is to call local pest control Vancouver service providers. Only professionals will be able to provide effective bed bug removals from your home or building. Be sure to store purses and handbags away from mattresses and clean them often.

Florescent Light Bulbs Are Sources

Although, bed bugs are more like vampires as they like dark spaces, they are also found inside florescent light bulbs. They are small enough to squeeze inside electrical areas close to wiring’s and all. Florescent lights are not too bright and there are often dark spots to be found in bulbs too.

There is next to no chance of you seeing bed bugs hiding inside florescent light bulbs however. Only thing you can do with these bed bug hiding places is to correctly sanitize them before using. However, once in place, adequate safety steps must be taken around electric wiring and devices.

Seats of Sofas, Chairs and Couches

Sofa, chair and couch seats are probably well known for their ability to harbor bed bugs. However, still many people don’t know these to be bed bug hiding places. Just like your typical mattress, sofa and chair seats have a lot of foam as well.

Bed bugs simply love foam because of the little pours in them that have no daylight and are very cozy. From bags, purses or even jeans and clothing, these pests transfer onto sofa and chair seats. This is where they rest easily and eventually land on the beds to bit you through the night.

Especially, when you have sofas near beds, this transfer is just waiting to happen. Be sure to clean your sofa and chair seats regularly to make these bed bug hiding places less of threats. Contact your pest control Burnaby or any other local city service providers for professional help when needed.

School Buses and Everything in Them

Young students often get unwanted travelers with them on their way to the school. Since school buses also have seats with lots of foam in them, bed bugs often find their way onto them. Attaching with school bags, student’s clothing, these pests land on school bus seats.

As their seat foams very seldom get any sunlight, these become some of the best bed bug hiding places. Also, school buses almost never get their seats replaced. This means that bugs can flourish in these foam seats for as long as they practically want. Nothing stopping them at all.

Stuffed Animals and Furry Toys

Stuffed animals and furry toys are some of the best bed bug hiding places that almost never get noticed. These should be number one in any list when it comes to minimizing bed bug infections. Also, when you consider the large sizes some stuffed animals are available in, they have too much space to prosper.

At worst, bed bugs with hitch a ride on a stuffed animal and land on your mattress. From there, these pests will find ways to multiply so fast and keep you awake at night. Be sure to call your local pest control service if you have any kind of bed bug problem at home. Get rid of these sooner than later.

Airplanes and Trains

Yes, bed bugs take the aerial route as well whether you like it or not. These little buggers find their way onto airplanes through bags, blankets and seats. From there, they find easy ways to attach to other bags and clothing of people. This route lands them on mattresses in homes.

Airplanes and trains are very efficient bed bug hiding places. Seats and cushions can help them multiply numbers and then hitch rides to homes and spaces. People often have no control over this as cleaning airplanes is not possible before using.

However, you can make sure to keep your clothing and bags bed bugs free by sanitizing them. This way, you can make sure these bugs don’t reach your mattress. Call your local pest control service for home when these are keeping your awake all night.

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