Addresses are an essential part of classifying individuals. There are numerous people of the same name and father’s name, but there are very few chances that two persons have the same address and name. It helps businesses to uniquely identify their customers. As addresses are very helpful not only for businesses but also for person-to-person communication. But what if an address is not correct or non-standardized. The letter sent to an individual does not deliver to his address but to someone else. The problem lies in the procedures of obtaining addresses and verifying them. 


At this time when almost everything is digitized, the process of obtaining an address has also changed. The possessive of address verification has also changed from manual to online. 

Online Address Verification

The process of remotely verifying an address verification through AI-powered software is called online address verification. The process is automated, the user needs to have stable internet and a mobile phone/PC for it. 

How is it Done?

The address of the customer is verified through documents. The customer just has to upload the image of the supporting document and the software extracts data through that. Then the extracted data is converted to the required format of the business. Every business has a specific address formation depending on its nature and location. Usually, most businesses follow the international address format. 

Supporting Documents 

Supporting documents can be any authentic paper issued by a valid authority. Utility bills, bank statements, insurance certificates, and employee letters are most commonly used as address supporting documents.


Some businesses also verify the identity besides the address. The reason is the increasing number of frauds and crimes done through business channels. An additional step of identity verification is added to the address verification process, where the customer has to upload the image of the id document also. Id document undergoes the same process as address document. 


Benefits of Address Verification


1. Advance Address Database Quality 

Having records of validated addresses improves the quality of the address database. It helps in normalizing and standardizing database tables. By doing so address data can be easily saved, retrieved, manipulated, and modified. For instance, if the business wants to filter customers based on their city, it can be done with one query. But if the database is not standard, it will take hours to days because now it has to look at each address line.

2.  No Hardware – Zero Paperwork

In traditional methods, the address data is stored on paper and files. This takes business resources on storage and security. The most crucial task of paper storage is security, it can be physically damaged or burnt easily.

3. Better Data Updating Facility

In papers, updating data was a very tough job, because businesses have to arrange new pages for it or erase and rewrite the new records. In online address verification, the data is digitized, this can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Updating a single row or whole table can be done in seconds.

4. Reduce Returned Shipments

Returned shipments are costing businesses heavy losses, the primary reason being false customer addresses. Statista reports, the global returned shipments cost One Trillion US Dollars in 2019. Customers do not pay attention while giving their addresses, most common mistakes are spelling and format. 

A single block number error can deliver the product to another customer. Sometimes the spellings are not correct, increasing trouble for identifying the address. As the data is extracted from the document verification and then transformed into the required format, it becomes very easy to understand the exact location. This will increase the number of successful shipments and reduce the losses due to failed deliveries.

5. Better Customer Communication

The success of a business depends upon effective B2C communication. A validated and verified address will assist in communicating with customers in a fast and efficient manner.

6. Save Time and Resources 

Online address verification services will save time and resources for businesses in verifying addresses manually. Before that, the process of obtaining and validating an address takes longer and costs more resources.



The above benefits show how essential an address verification solution is for business. In this modern world, it is the most practical and useful method of validating customer addresses. Businesses should opt for address verification services for giving seamless services to their customers.

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