A long-time vacation destination for North Americans, Mexico is growing in popularity with European tourists looking to enjoy the country’s seemingly endless sunshine, stunning landscapes, and gorgeous sandy beaches – not to mention its vibrant cultural heritage. That’s the importance of Mexico’s ancient Aztec and Maya sites and historic colonial cities, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to ensure that they remain unchanged for generations to come. To make sure you’re planning the best Mexico itinerary, check out our list of the best places to visit in Mexico. Make sure to book your tickets from Swoop airlines official site now.  

Copper Canyon

Chihuahua, one of Mexico’s northernmost states – bordering New Mexico in the US – is home to one of the country’s most visited natural monuments, the stunning Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre). The Copper Canyon is located in the region known as the Sierra Madre Occidental and consists of a spectacular group of deep canyons. It’s bigger and more profound than its more famous cousin, the Grand Canyon. This stunning natural structure gets its name from the distinctive copper green colouration of the gorge’s steep walls. It is formed by six rivers that flow into the Rio Fuerte before flowing into the Gulf of California. The best way to get here is by swoop airlines reservations.  

Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Corridor

On the southern tip of the beautiful Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos – often referred to simply as “Cabo” – is one of Mexico’s top beach destinations. This 30-kilometre stretch of pristine coast consists of a large stretch of beach stretching from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, known as the Los Cabos Corridor (Turistico Corridor). It attracts visitors worldwide for its clear waters, diving, snorkelling and fishing (this is also where the biggest marlin competitions are held). 


Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its many old colonial buildings, winding lanes and narrow lanes, Guanajuato is a city to explore on foot. An enjoyable experience is visiting the many squares, including the magnificent Jardin de la Union, the city’s main square with its beautiful old architecture. Here you will find the gorgeous previous port of entry Church and also the majestic Juarez Theater, in addition as fountains and flower beds, cafes and restaurants. Then head underground to the city’s underground roads, which are part of a network of tunnels that once ran down the river but are now used by cars and pedestrians who want to get around the city quickly. So book your flight now from Swoop airlines flight booking 

The Ancient Fortress of Tulum

On the Riviera Maya and near the beaches of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel, the site’s well-preserved ruins can be seen for miles because of its location 12-meter cliff overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Book your swoop airlines tickets now.

Tulum is also known for its high walls, which give the impression of a fortress and show military and religious significance. The city dated from the 13th century and was inhabited until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1544. It contains many other significant archaeological discoveries, including the Temple of Murals (Templo de Los Frescos) with its sculptures and reliefs, and Castillo, the location of the largest, famous building. Because of its location on the rock. 


Cozumel Island has almost everything you need for the perfect Mexican vacation. This lush tropical paradise is located 20 kilometres from the Yucatan Peninsula. It is named after the ancient Maya “Ah-Kuzamil”, which means “swallow land” and has been inhabited for a long time. And while the island’s first visitors were revered by Maya worshipers, followed by European smugglers and pirates, modern travellers flock here to promise endless sunshine. The best beaches for sun-seekers are Playa San Juan, Playa San Francisco, and Playa Santa Rosa, to name a few.


Oaxaca, the capital of the country of the same name, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking to sample authentic Mexican flavours. An exciting combination of local Indian and Spanish elements, the city, remains largely untouched by the sights of major events at some of the country’s other popular tourist destinations. As a result, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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