Want to take a break from your hectic official schedules? Or wishing to escape from the busiest highways in your city? Or want to spend quality time with your loved ones? Well, Puerto Vallarta city would be a perfect destination.

You will be thrilled by the powerful essence of its cultural and traditional values, the natural calmness of its beaches, and the brilliance of its shining nightlife. A nature lover will find this place extremely desirable to spend a comforting evening in the laps of natural sites.

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Take a Malecon boardwalk

If you are a fitness freak, you can easily walk 5.8 km, right? If yes, then the Malecon Boardwalk is waiting for you. Extended from Hotel Rosita (the oldest in town) to the Amphitheater and The Arches by the Naval Museum, Malecon is ready to give you some amazing experiences.

The iconic Malecon showcases some remarkable and best spots in the city. This point of Puerto Vallarta is considered as the meeting-point par excellence as good glimpses of renowned art sculptures, pampering art, and craft galleries with the enjoyment of ear-loving open-air performances, the city is no less to offer you that.

Picturesque moments at the Romantic Zone

Commonly known as the Olas Atlas or South Side, the Romantic Zone is a way good spot to grab some chilled drinks and tasty cuisines.

Situated at the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta bordered by Insurgentes Street on the east, Playa de Los Muertos on the west, Rio Cuale on the north, and Santa Barbara Street on the south, the Romantic zone becomes the best tourist destination.

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Stroll at Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The conservatory of native Mexican plants, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, is ready to put a smile on your face. This botanical store of Mexican plants features diverse cultures and the enthralling beauty of nature as it is home to some exotic plant species.

Explore the beautiful city of San Sebastián

Are you planning to take a long-drive session from your accommodation in the city? Spend some time at the San Sebastian and have lunch at the cozy and tourist-friendly roadside restaurants.

Located at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the San Sebastian town has some eye-catching offers for you.

Why not plan a trip to Puerto Vallarta? And live some of the most precious moments in life.

Glittering Marina Vallarta Landscape

Moving towards the north of downtown Puerto Vallarta, you will get to the busiest destination of the town. The Marina Vallarta is a top-class tourist destination-cum-harbor with some expensive but best hotels, unique shops, cheesy café spots, and outstanding art galleries.

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Cuale River Island is not far to explore art

Spot of some exciting art exhibitions that will initiate an adrenaline gush in your body, the Cuale River Island is not too far if you are staying in Puerto Vallarta for some days. Apart from some typical city life, the Cuale River Island is like a vast screen to watch some cultural and artistic scenes.

With unique poetic evenings, musical vibes, and heart-touching art galleries form a basic and central attraction for the visitors. With this, enjoy free access to the Cuale Archaeological Museum, and get some general information on Mesoamerican history and art.

Ask out your loved ones for a peachy trip to this coastal city of western Mexico. Ask your heart what it wants. And we are 100% sure that it will insist you to escape from the hectic and boring life, same everyday routines with no delicious taste in life.

So what is resisting you to have all the fun in life? Come out of your homes and see what is there which is not yet explored in the world. Book tickets through the United Airlines flight booking system.

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