Confuses Puppies all the Time

Dogs are wonderful. They are always by your side, barking or even laughing if you have seen the pictures. Nevertheless, they can be cute, funny, and scary a bit at times. Yes, they come with the entire fun package. But one thing that confuses and can scare you is their behavior. Although dogs are known as one of the best pets one can ever have. Did you ever wonder why?

It is because of their extraordinary flexible behavior.


If you notice your puppy lurking around for no reason or acting really weird, then it can be very confusing for you right? But what if you did something that had them confusing in the first place?


To learn about why dogs behave a certain way, you have the facility of the internet, fire up the engine, search various blogs like the dog secrets and etc to know all about dog’s behavior and more.


Meanwhile, this article throws light on certain facts that can often confuse a puppy that you may never have thought about before.


1.  Home alone

Dogs are the most social pets. This is the foremost reason they are so friendly towards their adoptive parents and family. Sure, not every dog feels the same about adoption but once you give them enough time they will give in and be all adorable.


But once you leave them behind, all home alone, puppy separation anxiety kicks in real quick. If you have a young puppy they would want to interact with other dogs their age too. Or just have a connection with their dog owner.


Puppies are naive and so they need to be handled softly. So if you see your puppy hiding or lying quietly and probably looks low, give them love and nurture.


2.  Visual life

Have you ever seen a dog reacting to a film or a specific scene going on TV?

Our lives are driven by visuals and screen time. If you watch too much TV then it offers a visual calamity for the pups too. We can sit all day long and do not move an inch but dogs need to move. They can’t rest still until they are tired.


Where we enjoy sitting in front of a screen watching Netflix our dogs may not understand our need to sit and do anything. It is often confusing for the puppies when they just keep roaming around you. They may not enjoy the noises coming from a sound box.


3.  Mirror time

Leave a puppy in front of a mirror and you will have an entertainment show of your own. Funny enough puppies or even adult dogs do not take their reflection in the mirror well.


Some puppies may lose interest right away but some might just keep coming close to the mirror trying to have some physical contact with the “dog in the mirror”! You can expect them to move around the mirror for long hours if it has captivated their attention.


4.  Ice cubes are cold!

What is this thing that keeps moving out of my paw???


Anything can fascinate the puppy. But seeing an ice cube fall on the floor to sniff it while trying to touch it, is an exciting thing for your puppy. If your puppy showed signs of anxiety or wants to calm them down it’s a good way to distract and confuse them.


So are ice cubes good toys for dogs? It will surely end the mindless chewing problem! But it is also a cheap trick play too. However, do not leave your puppy with the ice cubes alone, they might choke on it if somehow they are able to put it in their mouth.



5.  Ring, ring

Imagine this, your puppy is home alone and you ring yourself at home, and the voice machine answers. Puppy’s attention will be towards the phone immediately thinking “hey! That’s my owner but where’s the voice coming from?”


Dog’s easily recognize the voices. But if the voice is nowhere to be found they try to locate and well, your phone might be broken if it was in possible reach of your dog. Sometimes puppies’ head cock is way too adorable! While others start trying to paw the phone to know what wonders the machine can do.



6.  The hugger

Humans like to hug, but how will you let your dog learn how to dog you? The gesture can make a dog curious or he can start barking. Either way, you can always teach your dog the command to hug.


Dog grasp each other during playtime, mating, or fighting but that’s about it. How would a puppy know whether the human is trying to be nice and friendly or threatening? Well, command lessons are on the way, buddy.



Most of the time puppies’ reactions can be cute and funny but sometimes it can scare you. So if you hear a surprising growl or barking find the source to let your dog know that it’s okay. Plus, it’s always good to read more about dogs, their wellness, and behavior through informative blogs so that if something happens, you can take care of them. Happy reading to you!

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