Thinking of painting your home to refresh the space? Then, before painting check out these ideas for smaller projects that will add style and won’t cost you a lot of money.

1. Update Your Doors

Doors are not just an ordinary gateway, they are a gateway to your style. They make the first impression. So set the tone of your home at the start by giving an elegant makeover. You could go for wide stripes either vertically or horizontally. You can obscure or highlight them, it depends on your personal taste. Hint: if you want your home’s exterior palette to be coordinated with the interior’s, then choose a colour a few shades darken than your front entryway. Push your boundaries and see what will be the final result. Challenge yourself!

2. Paint The Staircase

Your staircase is probably the last place in your home that you think it’s worth to be refreshed. But you’re mistaken. Don’t turn this into an opportunity squandered. You could paint the stairs in one specific colour or many different colours. That way, you’ll brighten up your home. Moreover, wonky painted stripes will add colour and character. Stencils are a great way to paint a chevron pattern. That way, cleaning won’t be such an unpleasant duty as it was for you before. Besides, if till now it had required special equipment and you had to hire a cleaning company, now you can do it by yourself.

3. Add a Strip of Color

If you want to add a bit of excitement to your room, you could add a colourful stripe on the inside edge of a clean-line architrave. There are different types of stripes, just decide what you want. For example, if you want to create the ombré effect, use five different, happy-together colours and start painting with the lightest colour at the top. Or, if you want something simple, you could use one coloured stripe or alternating stripes, which will perfectly work in both contemporary or traditional rooms.

4. Update Plain Drawers

Drawers go through a lot of rough and tough wear. That’s why you should refresh them once in a while in order to get rid of the visible nicks and bangs. There are many creative ways to make that happen. You can paint your drawers in retro style, for instance, or if you are very crafty, you could make something fabulous. But if you’re not, then use stencils. They can do wonders. Stencil on some nice designs and you’ll create something dashing for your home!

5. Highlight Surfaces & Furniture Details

Details on your furniture are a great opportunity to add some colour. You can tape up furniture with one continuous piece. For small areas, you could consider paint effects. That way they will look like new and all scratches will be hidden.

6. Hardwood Floors

Painting the hardwood floor with a new fresh colour will give it a whole new look. A nice coat of paint would be the thing to hide the scars, patches, and pits. Along with that, it will also fill in the cracks and will seal up the rickety old floor. The painting would also save the gruelling labor and expense of refinishing. It’s a winning proposition from all directions. The key here is to choose a glossy or semi-gloss paint that would give a clean, sleek look to your floor.

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