Getting better and higher grades in the exams is the goal of every student. However,  achieving an outstanding result every time is easier said than done. Many students even if they devote time and work hard they still end up getting average scores. The question that arises here is why do students fail to get the desired result even after putting so much effort? Moreover, some students who study half their time and seem to be easy going end up with higher scores. This situation may be due to the fact that these students have some missing elements in their preparation strategy and they are not making the most out of their study time.

So if you are in an affix and looking for ways to improve learning and stay ahead in class, we have listed several study tips that will help you to prepare smartly, grasp information faster, develop better focus and more. Let’s get started.

Fix a Study Schedule That Is Suitable For You

Analyse how you spend your time on different activities and subsequently develop a proper study timetable. Divide the hours that you have for studying into different modules so that you will be able to cover each subject and the topics discussed well before the exam time. Make sure to dedicate enough time so that you have sessions for revisions as well.

How To Prepare?

Different subjects need different types of preparation. For example, if you are studying chemistry, it involves a lot of symbols, reactions, formulas and even maths. You will need to understand the different formulas and concepts like the periodic table, name reaction and atomicity clearly. Studying subject wise is normally recommended but you should also prepare chapter wise depending on the topics. Avoid rote learning and mugging up concepts as much as you can.

Additional Study Materials

It is always a plus point to have multiple study materials or tools. Apart from your textbooks you should read your class notes and other guide textbooks, create a mind map, watch educational videos on the topic amongst others. This will help you to gain a better understanding of the concepts and thus you can prepare effectively for the exams. You should also make it a point to clear all your doubts either with your teacher or even a classmate.

Make Flashcards

Flashcards are a useful tool to have quick revisions as well as remember all the important concepts and formulae. You will also be on track with all of the topics. For example, if you are learning about chemical bonding then you should draw the structure diagram of different elements in these flash cards and use it while studying. You can also keep a separate notebook for formulas and refer them when you need them.

Solve Previous Question or Sample Papers

If you want to come out with flying colours in the exams then the best way to prepare is by solving previous years question papers, sample papers. You can even take mock tests and all of these will help you get a clear picture of many things like types of questions, marking scheme, format and more.

Study Breaks and Timely Rest

You should also take regular study breaks in between. Keeping oneself fit and healthy is key to performing well in the exams. Further, it will help you increase your overall productivity.

It is often said that the way you study can make or break your success and performance in the exams. You can follow these tips and it will definitely prove useful the next time you write your exams.

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