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6 Ways To Child-Proof Your Garage Doors

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Sneaking into every hole possible is what our kids seek daily. No matter what you pick, it is directly going in the mouth. It’s not hard to stop them, it’s merely impossible.

Especially when you have a garage! It’s like a new exploration area for children to sneak in. But, we know how dangerous it could get for the little ones. Rather than putting your children in danger let’s find a garage door installation in Tucson if you happen to live in this area and child-proof everything. Starting from your garage doors!

What you can do on an initial basis is to child-proof your garage doors yourself! Because that’s the entry you need to work on.

The 6 essentials for your garage door on child-proofing.

1.    Lock Comes First!

The super-simple yet the most important tip you should consider! Locking your garage door properly. Either it has an automated garage system installed or do it manually.

Install a lock on the interior door that leads directly to your garage. Use a knob lock or door knob cover. Mount your door opener as high as possible. It gets difficult for children to reach.

2.    Rubber Seal The Gaps

There are certain gaps in the panel of garage doors. This is where you need to work well. Rubber seals are the perfect harmless things that save many sockets along with the house. As per garage doors, it works perfectly.

3.    Store Tools Out Of Reach

Make sure you have kept all your tools in the garage on the top-most shelf. From sharpest to heaviest, you need to keep them where it gets out of reach for your children. As tools can get fascinating for the children. Unplug all the power tools once you are done with them in your garage.

4.    Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener Works

Don’t ever leave the door open. Even if you do, make sure it is working properly. It shouldn’t be jammed or stuck in half-way through. It is very dangerous for kids if they get stuck in between or the other side where they don’t belong.

5.    Hide Your Garage Remote

Hide it or keep it somewhere out of reach. Otherwise, your garage door will be opened and shut deliberately every now and then and ends in a disaster. There could be many conditions where that remote in a child’s reach would destroy certain things.

Losing your garage door remote can also create a mess. Make sure the remote is working and you do not lose it.

6.    Garage Switch!

Your garage switch should be working!

What if you lost your remote? Your child might be stuck inside and there’s nothing you can do. So, make sure your garage switch is working and placed at a certain height where it is reachable for everyone except children.

Wrap Up:

Finally, if all these hacks seem a bit difficult to manage, then, you know what to do! Just make sure your children are safe as well as your garage belongings and door!




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