People who wish to admire the beauty and wish to be thankful to God shall visit Lihue once in a lifetime. Alaska Airlines reservations would be helpful to plan this fantastic destination holiday for you.

Lihue is one of its kind destinations where you can rest while enjoying a trip to Kauai. There are abundant of the best things to do in Lihue like local trips, visiting popular attractions, and many more.

So, to plan a perfect holiday trip, just pay attention to this blog to get acquainted with the beautiful places. So, without ado, let us move ahead!

  • Wailua Falls

To begin your Lihue voyage, plan something very close to nature! The Kauai’s Grand Island has Wailua Falls, located on the South Fork side of the Wailua River. It is a 173 feet fall into a crystal-clear pool down.

There is no need to lace up the climbing boots while you head for Wailua Falls, and even no walking stick is needed. The trekking down to the bottom of the Wailua falls is risky. That is why it is excellent Alaska Airlines Flight Booking would make this a needed visit in Lihue.

to view the grandeur by staying above with safety. This is possible because Kauai Museum

The Kauai Museum was opened in 1960and has classic pieces of history and art. The Kauai Museum is one of the main attractions and is situated in a lava rock structure in Lihue.

The visitors can enjoy exploring the museum and learning about their volcanic history and their geological formation in the Hawaiian Islands.

The main attractions of the Lihue museum are the worldwide artist’s art galleries and the tools used by the citizens in their daily life. The walls of the museum have depictions of Kauai’s history. If you are interested in the artifacts, then 1824 shipwreck artifacts at Hanalei Bay can fill your heart with fun. Alaska Airlines ticket Booking makes one even flexible to enjoy the place.

  • Kalapaki Beach

The beach life is always appealing and exciting, and visiting Kalapaki Beach can fill your heart with fun and excitement.

The citizens of the Kalapaki beach used to live there for many years. Today’s Kalapaki Beach, surrounded by resorts, catches the eye with its scenic ocean view. The view is simply unbelievable, and for the visitors it gives satisfaction.

People can enjoy various fun-filled water activities here. The point of attraction is the travel itself towards this beach. A few sports activities like boogie board, stand-up paddleboard can be enjoyed here apart from swimming. Even people sunbathe and soak up the Hawaiian sun for sheer refreshment.

  • Fern Grotto

Fern Grotto is on the east side of Kauai, one of the biggest attractions. In its natural form, this lava rock amazingly has lush vegetation around it.

The grotto was only for Hawaiian royalty until about fifty years ago when guided riverboat tours started. This location from the Wailua River is the south fork, and one can only visit this by kayak or boat. The riverboat usually takes ninety minutes to reach, and on the way, one can click plenty of photographs. Upon reaching, one can enjoy the musician’s music piece for guests. Over the past many years, the grotto has been on the favorite list as a wedding location due to its scenic beauty.

  • Kilohana Plantation

Kilohana Plantation was built in 1930, and it is a historic landmark amused with history. The plantation home is 16,000 square feet huge. The visitors can enjoy more than fifty fruit tree varieties and vegetable gardens. The plantation also has forests, flowers, hardwood trees, plants, and animals like goats, donkeys, sheep, horses, ducks, cattle, wild pigs and geese.

The guests also enjoy feeding the goats, wild pigs, and sheep. Alaska Airlines Flight tickets are the source of making plans for this fantastic place.

  • Koloa Rum Company

As soon as the tour to the Kalona plantation is over, don’t forget to visit Koloa Rum Company. It is placed at the Puhi, Kauai, Kilohana Plantation. The place is famous because one can enjoy the on-location distilled rum. Here, one can enjoy the award-winning Hawaiian premium rums and the rum fudge sauce, rum cakes, jams, syrups, jellies, and many other products.

  • Nawiliwili Harbor

Nawiliwili Harbor has many amazing things for the visitors to offer, like a cruise ship, a commercial cargo port, a small boat harbor, and the Nawiliwili Yacht Club placed at this Lihue place.

The harbor is in the south of the Lihue Airport, and it has been the main harbor since 1930 on the island.

This is for sure one of its kind places and not to miss the place in Lihue. Alaska Flights are the one choice that people can get to reach there.

We hope that this guide helps you know the place beforehand your visit there.

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