Store Your Beauty Products

Mornings can easily turn stressful. Getting ready may take time, but even more so if you can’t seem to find your beauty products.

Storing your beauty products in an organized way makes it easy to get ready. If anything, not finding something you wanted to use can leave you unsettled for the rest of the day. 

On the other hand, dumping all your makeup in a box alongside hair care tools may not be such a good idea. Imagine finding your favorite eyeshadow palette smeared all over the place when waking up one morning. 

Such scenarios are recipes for a disastrous day. 

But, you can avoid all that with an intelligent storage system for your beauty products. Check out our seven genius ways to store your beauty products.

1. Jars

Jars can make a perfect storage space for your beauty products. Items that you can’t prop up on their own can go into the jars and put on your dresser. Oversized items like aerosol cans usually stand separately.  

There are several kinds of jars you can use for storing beauty products, such as Mason jars. They are everyone’s go-to when it comes to organizing, are easy to get, and are durable. 

You can place small items inside like makeup blenders, cotton swabs, and even small accessories. The jars are see-through, so you do not have to open them to check what’s inside.

Cookie jars or straw dispensers can also be a great place to store larger beauty items. These would make a perfect home for your makeup brushes and hair rollers. Your skinny combs can go in there as well.

If you have candle jars lying around your bathroom, turn them into makeup holders. They are open, so you do not have to open any lids to reach what’s inside. You may use them for storing things like brushes and bobby pins. 

2. Magnetic Tape

Small beauty items are easy to misplace. But magnetic tape creates a perfect way of keeping all the tiny stuff within sight, like bobby pins.

Stick the tape to the inside of your drawer. It stays out of sight but serves the purpose. 

Here are a few easy magnetic tape installation tips:

  • Clean the surface you want to apply the tape and let it dry off
  • Check whether it is non-painted and smooth. Paint on the surface will peel off when you apply the tape
  • Mark the length you need to use with a piece of chalk or marker, then cut the tape where needed with a strong pair of scissors
  • Peel the back off and make sure it doesn’t attach to itself
  • From one end, attach the adhesive side of the tape to your prepped surface
  • Give the tape 24 hours to dry before you start using it

3. Cake Stand

A cake stand is yet another way you can store your beauty products. More oversized items like lotions, beauty cleansers, and hairspray can go on the upper tier. 

You can set the stand on top of your dresser, making it convenient to reach what you want quickly. 

The cake stand’s rotating nature makes it a good choice when looking for something in a hurry. Just spin it around to pick what you need. 

This is an innovative organizer that should come in handy for storing smaller items like lipsticks or eyeliners. If you have lots of products, picking what you need at the time becomes hassle-free. 

4. Repurposed Rack

A repurposed old rack can put an end to your organization’s woes. More oversized items in round bottles will look great on a shelf. Hair products like sprays and shampoo will be easy to reach and use. 

A wire wine rack is a great display area for beauty products in round bottles. The wire isn’t as bulky as wood, and you can store several hair styling products on the stand.

An old file or letter holder is also a good option for getting your beauty products organized. 

First, give the rack a paint job. You can go for a nice golden finish. Once dry, you can place it on your dresser and use it to hold delicate items. They will be safe from damage, and they will be easy to spot

5. Perfume Display

A perfume display can add texture to your decor when appropriately arranged. You want to use a decorative tray to store your fragrances in one place to free up space on your dresser.

The outcome is a neat and convenient spot for all your fragrances. This comes in handy when time’s not on your side.

Spice racks, for instance, make for excellent perfume storage. The frames are not only beautiful; they save on space as well.

6. Hanging Storage

Hanging storage offers you a tremendous organizational space. If you have too many smaller items or even large items that cannot fit in a drawer, a hanger is a great alternative. 

What you need is a hanging organizer, which you can hang on your closet door.

Use a hanging organizer for lip gloss and eyeliners. Small items can be annoying to store and organize. 

More oversized items like blow dryers and hair tongs need large storage spaces. You can try hanging them on hooks. Attach two or three hooks on the side of your shelves, and voila, you have yourself good storage.

7. Drawer Organizers

Going through drawers full of jumbled items can make your morning stressful. But you can use drawer organizers to make your drawers more functional. 

Their simple design can help you keep your beauty products neat and organized. Make use of drawer dividers to store different items in separate compartments. 


Have you been having a hard time storing your beauty products?

Sometimes you’re looking everywhere for your mascara only to find the tube tucked away with the blowdryer and the hairbrushes?

Well, make use of our tips to find a solution for storing your beauty items.

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Chelsea Museum District to help them with their online marketing.

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