Tinting Lashes

If you want to include eyelash tinting in your service, you will surely be interested to learn more about all the nuances of this beauty-procedure.

Today we will tell you how to make tinting safe for customers, and also where to buy a high-quality eyelash tint that will simplify the work of each lashmaker.

1. It’s safe

Eyelash tint does not damage natural eyelashes. Of course, provided that you work with high-quality hypoallergenic eyelash tint.

You can find a good eyelash tint on the website of Canadian company LashStorePro. Here you will find a selection of the best supplies of the Italian company InLei, Swiss brand Belmacil and Australian Elleebana. These products are chosen by the lash stylists, who do eyelash and eyebrow tinting on a regular basis.

2. Warn your clients that they need to stop spray-tanning a week before the procedure

The thing is, a spray tan can have a negative effect on the tint. To avoid stains on the skin, tell your clients to stop using it if they are planning the procedure.

3. No mascara 2-3 days before the procedure

Mascara residues can also lead to uneven tinting. 

If a customer did use mascara, carefully clean the eyelashes with a special shampoo. You can also find this product in LashStorePro.

4. Ask your clients to take their lenses off

First, they can get stained with tint. 

Second, if the paint gets between the lens and the eye, it will increase the pain, as it will be more difficult to wash the eyes with lenses.

The girls will be able to put their lenses back on immediately after the procedure

5. No more oil-based makeup products

The point is, the oils are destroying the tint, and your clients’ eyelashes will return to their natural color more quickly.

If your clients follow all the aftercare recommendations, they will be able to enjoy the beautiful rich color of their eyelashes for 6 weeks. Or until old eyelashes are replaced with new ones during their natural growth cycle.

6. Place the roller or cotton pad under the lower lashline

This way you don’t stain the skin under the eyes. If you get tint on the skin, remove it immediately with a wet cotton swab.

7. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Often, to tint eyelashes, manufacturers advise to apply the product on the lashes and wait for 10-15 minutes. Read the instructions to the product before using it and try to do the procedure during the time specified. 

Now you know all about how to prepare the client for the procedure and make it as comfortable as possible, and reach the most beautiful results. Enjoy!

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