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Lanham is a charming community that presents lovely weather, engaging outdoor recreational opportunities and a culture that makes each day of your life a celebration. From enjoying your day at the Greek Food Festival to exploring science exhibits at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor’s Center, you can have a great time in this suburb. 

But to truly experience the lavish outdoor extravaganza the region offers, you need a fit body free from acute and chronic pain. Leading experts in pain management Lanham Maryland, provide high-quality care and treatment for several pain conditions. While following safe opioid management guidelines, they provide advanced pain management therapy as an alternative to major surgeries. Here are a few critical pain conditions, from which a specialist can help you get quick relief.

Facet Syndrome

As per the latest demographic distribution, about 44% of Lanham’s total population are close to the retirement age, on average, 60. And for the seniors to have a pleasant time, the area presents fresh produce and delicious treats at the Greenbelt Farmers Market from May to November.

With age, facets endure degeneration due to constant utilization, and when pain stems from them, you suffer from facet syndrome. And if you are aged, you will have inflamed facet joints that can cause pain.

Top specialists prescribe drugs to reduce the inflammation and recommend physiotherapy to stabilize your back and stomach muscles, giving you quick relief.


Considering the industries in Lanham, healthcare and construction are the top sectors contributing to the region’s total workforce, about 15% and 10% respectively. 

When you work in such sectors, you will have extended hours of physical labor, leading to joint pain and stiffness, often osteoarthritis symptoms.

Qualified experts in pain management at Lanham, Maryland, provide interventional procedures and recommend weight loss and exercise programs. With proper medication, they ensure you don’t have restricted mobility, allowing you to perform your workplace responsibilities well.

Spinal Stenosis

The most common jobs in Lanham are those in management occupations, nearly 9%. On the other hand, computer, engineering and science-related job profiles are the highest paid, about $80k.

When you work in such fields, it is most likely that you would have more deskwork. Due to the work culture, you might suffer from chronic low back pain radiating through your limbs. There are chances that these could be symptoms of spinal stenosis.

Experienced consultants provide treatment that includes physical therapy and pain-relieving injections.

Herniated Disc

While building and ground cleaning work contribute to 8.2% of Lanham’s total employment, construction and extraction occupations make up 7.55%.

These are physically demanding jobs, involving lifting, pushing and straining your body, leading to a herniated disc, the symptoms being a pain in your limbs and numbness.

Leading physicians offer analyzed treatment, which includes medication to relieve pain and cortisone injection administration. They also recommend stretch exercises to relax your muscles.

Myofascial Pain

Though you might enjoy your commute around Lanham, through the 11-mile BWI Trail, continuous walking can lead to strained muscles causing trigger point development. These trigger points can cause excruciating pain, and symptoms such as fatigue can confirm your pain condition as myofascial pain.

Highly-competent physicians suggest physical therapy as the best option to get relief from this syndrome. In the worst cases, they administer trigger point injections to overcome the pain.


No matter how old you are, it is never late to catch a baseball game at the Bowie Baysox or attend events in Washington, DC, just 10 miles from Lanham.

But before you wish to pursue your wish list, make sure you check for the pain condition termed bursitis. Typically, if you suffer from degenerative joint issues due to joint-cartilage breakdown, affecting your knee and hips, a specialist can confirm if you have bursitis.

Top physicians stress on reducing your weight and do regular physical exercise for a speedy recovery.

Knee Pain

When you wish to explore the enticing Bethesda Trolley Trail or Black Hill Trail on your bicycle, your knees should be in good shape to have a memorable experience.

If you have knee pain, it can limit your mobility, affecting your entire body.  And if you have a high dependency on painkillers, it can make matters worse.

However, the good news is that leading specialists focus on relieving you from pain through a well-thought exercise regime and interventional procedure, only if required.

Final Words

Lanham is a small community with a population of just over 10,000. However, its proximity to exciting outdoor engagements, such as Prince George’s Little Theater and Glenn Dale Golf Club, make it a great place to live. 

If you experience continuous pain or episodes of tingling and radiating pain through your limbs, consult a physician for pain management in Lanham, Maryland at the earliest. Once you recover, you can indeed live a peaceful life in Lanham, appreciating its delightful offerings.

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