Nothing can be more stressful than moving home, and especially if you’re buying a new property with an investment, you want to make sure it is the right one. With the pressures of finding the perfect home and moving your entire life and belongings, it’s always helpful to know how to make it that little bit easier. 

Step 1: Declutter 

A good starting point is to make sure that you’re taking only what you need, to avoid wasting time and energy on extra packing. Having a good declutter means you can get rid of anything you don’t need to take with you, and you can donate any unwanted items to charity. 

Step 2: Start Packing in Advance 

If there any items, or even whole rooms, you can begin to pack whilst conducting your property search, this means getting a head start and less to pack down the line. Buying essentials like packing boxes and tape in advance means it’s always there when you have time to do a little packing, instead of last minute. 

Step 3: Professional Movers Can be a Big Help 

While it’s tempting to want to save money and perhaps hire your own van or try to do the moving work yourself, professional movers can make the process a lot smoother. They will be experienced in moving and handling and taking care of all your items for you instead of you having the stress of moving them yourself. 

Step 4: Consider a New Build 

New builds can mean infinitely less stress when moving home due to its updated status. Moving into a new build means you don’t have to worry about extensively cleaning, updating and completely modifying anything the previous owners have done to the property. New builds mean you can move in with a blank canvas and not have to worry about any extra work before you can become comfortable. 

Not only that, but new build homes mean you don’t have to worry about any ongoing and time-consuming property chain. 

Step 5: Find Services in Advance 

Checking out the nearest doctors, dentist or even vet for your pet in advance can be a huge help if you then know everything is sorted for when you move. You never know when you might run into an emergency situation, so to avoid extra costs, having these basic services already arranged in advance can put your mind at ease. 

Step 6: Pack Essentials Separately 

You may need certain things as soon as you move into a new property, like a first aid kit, kitchen utensils or toiletries. Having these prepared and packed separately means you won’t be faced with the prospect of having to unpack every single box trying to find something you need. 

Step 7: Set Up Mail Forwarding

Even if you’re extremely organised and have changed your address for any correspondence ahead of time, there’s always the risk that something could have been missed. For complete peaceof mind and to tie up any loose mail ends, invest in a mail forwarding service for a few months while you get settled to ensure everything is protected regarding your mail. 

For a more stress-free move, be sure to try these seven steps.

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