When it comes to spending quality time with those closest to you, what are your go-to activities? If you are like most families, lunch and dinner top the list. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal, there are also many other things to do that many people rarely think of.

For one particularly fun example, consider adventure paddle tours. No matter who your family consists of or what kind of event you want to plan, there is something with this activity that everyone can enjoy.

Check out these eight reasons to take an adventure paddle tour with your family:

1. A Perfect Getaway for Animal Lovers

Without a doubt, these tours can make the perfect gift. Whoever is an animal lover in your family will especially love the paddle experiences that involve seeing wildlife. For example, an easy ride with breathtaking views of seals in their natural environment would be a great way to share a special experience with a mom, grandpa, brother or daughter who especially adores these magnificent mammals.

2. Amazing Scenery for Photographers

Speaking of gift-giving, if you have any budding or professional photographers in your family, a paddle tour can be the birthday present of a lifetime. With breathtaking views of the Sydney harbor as well as nearby beaches and gorges, these tours can offer a variety of excellent photo-taking opportunities.

3. Romantic Adventure for Moms and Dads

When keeping up with daily life’s hustle and bustle of getting everyone in the family where they need go, moms and dads often neglect their personal relationships with each other. Here is a question: When was the last time you two went on a date? For a romantic adventure that is a little different (and extra fun), paddle tours can be an excellent option.

4. Great Escape for a Girls’ Day or Weekend

Sometimes, the girls just need to getaway. For some exciting fun in the sun with your mom, aunt, sister or daughter, why not plan a Pittwater paddle adventure? If one afternoon is not enough and you want an entire weekend of adventure, an overnight paddling trip is another option.

5. Fun Bonding for the Guys

Likewise, the guys need their time, too! The good news is, paddle tours can be fun for men and women alike. When dad and grandpa want to spend quality time with the boys of the family, these tours can be an interactive bonding activity for everyone. If you really want to make it a “guys’ day,” take some time to check out the “Manly” Aquarium before heading back to Little Manly.

6. Unique Experience for Reunions

Just because some of the family lives far away does not mean that they are not important. For this reason, many people enjoy getting together with relatives from out-of-town once or twice every year. During these times, it is common for families to go on trips or have adventures together. For something a little different this year, a paddle tour could be a unique idea.

7. Summertime Amusement for Kids

Another wonderful thing about paddle tours is the fact that they can appeal to all ages. If there you children in your family, do not let that deter you from trying out these adventures! Indeed, there are plenty of opportunities for your young family members to get in the water with a professional who can introduce them to paddling. Even better, you can be there with them!

8. Breakfast or Lunch Date

If you are someone who prefers breakfast or lunch over dinner, then going on a tour with one of these earlier meals can be a fulfilling way to spend the first part of your day with a family member. Whether you decide to have a Pittwater paddle lunch or breakfast by the bridge, there are many experiences to choose from that will match your preferences.

For doing something with the family that is not just going out to dinner, adventure paddle tours can be a choice. Regardless of who wants to go, or why you are getting together, these tours can be the perfect idea for making sure everyone has a good time. Why not try something a little different for your next family get-together?

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