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There is no perfect opportunity to go out camping when the weather is nice and sunny. If you are too tired and stuck up in your daily life with a dead-end office job and a non-stop busy city life, then camping is a great way to detox yourself and be close to nature.

However, when you are planning on camping, you need to have many essentials like tents, water, clothes, and a medical kit by your side to be comfortable in the wild. One of much essentials is the solar panel. Camping with a Solar panel has its own sets of benefits. It allows you to travel to remote locations without giving up on the essentials like refrigerator, mobile devices, music system, and many such items. 

Now that you know how beneficial solar panels are, we will discuss how to purchase the best solar panel for your usage in this post. Keep these things in mind when you purchase a 12v solar panel.

  • Gadgets you will carry along 

Are you going to purchase the solar panel for recharging the phone, light up the blub for using the fridge? You need to be clear about your requirements as then only you will be able to pick up the right power solar panel because if your usage is going to be heavy, you will need a bigger solar panel.

  • Duration of the camping trip 

How long will be your camping trip? How many gadgets are you carrying along, and how long will they be connected to the gadgets? Once you have done this, you have to calculate your daily usage and thus get the solar panel done accordingly. 

You may calculate the daily usage of your devices everyday and calculating the overall energy required by the number of days you are going to stay at the camping trip. You will get the idea of amount of energy that is required throughout the trip and thus you can choose the solar panel accordingly.

  • Is the solar panel for a short-term use?

The solar panel is very useful, and thus, getting solar installation just for one camping would be just a waste of money and a very good investment. Even the smallest and most portable solar panel will cost you around $64. So, if it is just a one-time thing, then choose accordingly. You also have to look at the quality and durability of the solar panels; they should be sturdy and waterproof. You never know what kind of rough weather you may have to face out there in the wild.

  • How do you plan to go hiking?

Are you going tracking by foot, or will you have a four-wheeler with you? If it is a four-wheeler, even a bulky solar panel will not be an issue, but if you are backpacking, you need a lightweight one that can be easily carried around and perfect for emergency charging. So let me tell you that the best choice is the best 12v solar panels, the solar panel that you can rely on for emergencies.

  • Did you check the weather?  

The solar panel gets recharged by the sun rays, and thus the presence of the sun is very important if you want your camping trip to go on smoothly. So, check the weather updates before you set out camping. If it shows rains and cloudy weather, you better wait up for the sun as, without it, you will not be able to charge the solar panel, nor any of the electric gadgets you brought along.


Once you have asked yourself these questions and know the answers, you now know which solar panel is best for you. So, pick the one that has all the features and qualities according to your requirement. Good Luck!

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