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There are now various holiday rental properties around the UK and other places in Europe, and these kinds of accommodations have become the best option for many holiday-makers. In the UK alone, you can find just about every type of holiday rental in different areas, from manors in Cornwall to big houses in Oxfordshire and more. A holiday rental presents you with the perfect opportunity to relax and refresh yourself amidst beautiful natural surroundings and a luxurious setting. But isn’t it the same thing you get with a hotel as well? There are some significant differences between staying in a hotel and staying in a holiday rental property, but not many may be fully aware of these differences. So, if you’re thinking of planning your break shortly but can’t decide between a hotel or holiday rental, here’s a comparison between the two: which is best for your next holiday?

  • Complete facilities and amenities – e.g. a full kitchen

One substantial difference between a hotel and a holiday rental is that a holiday rental will have complete facilities and amenities, and one of the most distinct is a kitchen. Hotel rooms will not have kitchens, and if you want something to eat or snack on, you would have to order room service. Not so with a holiday rental where you have kitchen access, and the kitchens in some rentals are fully equipped. This gives you the freedom to cook what you please and eat whenever you feel like it. This option not only allows you to save on expenses – it’s also a better option if you’re travelling with picky eaters (kids) or with people who have certain food allergies or dietary requirements. 

But the facilities and amenities don’t end there. Whilst most hotels will have pools and gyms, and other facilities, many holiday rental properties will also have those and more. For instance, there are large houses for rent in various areas that feature outdoor or indoor pools, saunas, gyms, cinema rooms, games rooms, tennis courts, croquet lawns, and hot tubs (amongst others) that can easily trump the amenities offered at hotels. What’s more, you can enjoy all these amenities in total privacy.

  • Access to everyone 

If you’re travelling as a group of friends or family, you will have to split up and stay in separate rooms, perhaps even on different floors if you stay in a hotel.  It’s just not possible to stay together all the time, and you won’t easily have access to everyone. This could be quite limiting to the fun and intimacy of travelling together. But if you rent a large house, you can all stay in one place and under the same roof, and you can lounge around and eat together in comfort and with – it’s worth mentioning again – utmost privacy.

  • Set times or schedules

Another significant difference between hotels and holiday rentals is that there are no set times or schedules with rental properties. You don’t have to follow any dining hours. You don’t have to eat breakfast at a set period, and you have no worries if you stay out late and feel like having a snack when you get back. Best of all, you have personalised service from a property manager or agency, and this goes a long way in giving you the best weekend break ever as well. 

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