An engagement ring is a token of your desire to spend the life with the love of your life and take the relationship to the next level. But selecting the perfect engagement ring can be an overwhelming task for guys.

A Gucci heart ring is an excellent gift for an engagement. Gucci’s heart ring is a symbol of love and compassion. The ring was designed to resemble a beating human heart, with the band being shaped like two entwined hearts.

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For many men, it is their first experience. They may have never heard of the terms and concepts related to ladies’ rings before. Cluster setting? Marquise? Opal? What? How? Which? Hmmm… too many questions before you pop the question to her!

Do not worry! Here is an ultimate guide to help you purchase an engagement ring that will guarantee a resounding ‘Yes!’ to your proposal.

1.     Understand Her Preferences

Most important step in selecting a ring for your partner is taking into account her individual style. You can peek through her accessories, clothing choices, signature colour, style and material of her jewellery to gain an insight. Talk with your partner’s closest family members and friends. They may know your significant other’s desires or preferences.

2.     Set Your Budget

Starting a new chapter of your life can be a costly process. So, instead of following market trends or outdated “rules,” you should set your budget according to your financial situation. Purchase an engagement ring that you can afford. It will reduce your financial stress and anxiety.

3.     Chose The Ring Setting

The ring setting determines the type and cut of gemstone with its overall design. Engagement rings can be designed in many different styles and settings. Most common are classic, modern, glamorous, vintage, cluster, eternity, infinity, bezel settings as well as many others. Retailers commonly recommend solitaires, pavé, trilogies, and halo styles.

4.     Choose The Gemstone Type By 4 Cs

The beauty and quality of each gemstone differs dramatically. If your choice is diamond, understanding of the four Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) will help you select the perfect diamond for your ring. Among other gemstones, blue sapphires, emerald, ruby, topaz and onyx are common.

Alexandrite engagement ring is also a popular choice for those who want something unique. Alexandrite is durable, high quality and rare stone with colour changing properties. It can sparkle in captivating shades of green, red and purple under different intensities of light.

5.     Select The Gemstone Shape

Shapes and cuts of the gemstones have unique characteristics. It makes a huge difference to the overall design of the ring. Hence, take following style notes on the most popular cuts:

  • Round/Square/Rectangle: These traditional cuts are perfect for solitaire rings with diamonds.
  • Princess: Princess-cut stones look extravagant in rings under 6mm.
  • Cushion Cut: Gemstones with cushion cut are a majestic choice for large rings with colorful gemstones.
  • Emerald: This Retro vintage cut enhances the brilliance of diamonds & color gemstones in all sizes.
  • Oval: Perfect for halo ring designs with colorful gemstones.
  • Pear: This cut beautifully draws attention to the tear drop shape especially in a solitaire or holo design.
  • Marquise: Such cuts look dainty when paired with accent gemstones or a simple thin band in a ring.

6.     Choose The Perfect Metal

For your setting metal, the main choices are; platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and silver. Prefer the color that is complementary to your partner’s style. Our recommendation is white gold. It is affordable and requires less maintenance and cleaning as compared to platinum.

7.     Get The Right Ring Size

Obviously, it is indispensable to get the right ring size for your soul mate. You can figure out your partner’s ring size with the help of another ring in her jewellery collection or using a ring sizer.

8.     Add A Special Meaning

Symbolism and sentiments behind your ring add more of a story to your proposal and romance factor. You can achieve this by plenty of ways; some subtle and some more obvious. Inscriptions, engravings, hidden birthstones or custom settings can add a special meaning to your ring.

9.     Alternatively, Ask Your Partner

If you are unable to decide and afraid of ruining the proposal with an unfortunate ring choice, leave the guesswork and ask your partner for her choice. Alternatively, you can use a placeholder ring for proposal, and design the real engagement ring together after she accepts.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found a way to create something deeply meaningful, unique and beautiful as a symbol of love for your partner, which in the end, is what it is all about.

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