Imagine yourself as a gladiator for a moment, facing one of your kin many oceans away in a jam-packed Coliseum in Rome; the fretful audience, growling at the top of their voice, waiting to see blood fall; the opponent with a blood-soaked blade in his hand, his eyes piercing your flesh, trying to get under your skin – what gives you an advantage? A victorious ‘gladiator in some other world,’ Robert Ritter chose a fierce weapon.

The weapon we know today as InsMark. Pardon for such a brutal example, but the business world isn’t all that different from the gladiators fighting pit mentioned above. To win over your competitors, you have to be cut-throat, competitive, gutsy, and daredevil. We know what Robert did. He is an insatiable and creative soul. After decades of experience in the field, he came up with InsMark, software that has ruled the roost since 1983.

InsMark is a Fin/Tech company that provides illustration software and related marketing services to various financial producers. It’s been in business since 1983, and apart from helping thousands of producers so far, it is currently being utilized by more than 30,000 producers and has been sponsored by 100+ major life insurance companies.

What makes it a ‘fierce weapon’ is its ability to do the impossible. With the likes of IIS (InsMark Illustration Software) and Wealthy and Wise®, its software has simplified the process of financial data presentation. The latter helps producers make artistic and coherent illustrations of multiple data sources, while the former equips producers in being effective in the personal planning market.

It’s Good Logic vs. Bad Logic® analytics calculates the number of liquid assets and their optimum use to generate desired retirement cash flow along with maximizing net worth, wealth to heirs, and charitable foundations.

InsMark’s do-it-vs-don’t-do-it analysis is another primary reason for its success. Simply put, the system calculates and compares several scenarios where the prospects of success in doing or not doing the transaction are measured in a lucid graphical form.

InsMark has no active competitor in the field. It has raced way ahead of others in the industry by aptly and creatively using information technology in financial services. It also organizes an annual symposium, a unique event compared to others.

Unlike other conferences and symposiums where motivational speakers and other personnel, some irrelevant, dominate the stage, the InsMark annual symposium stays relevant to the ethos of the life insurance industry. It focuses on the productive discussions and talks presented by Robert and other InsMark staff.

InsMark tools armor you with are tried and tested concepts. If you have strong competitors in the industry, maybe considering InsMark won’t be a bad idea. Who knows, it’s the gladiators’ pit, man… slayers are all around, beware!



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