Portrait Tattoos

The world of tattoos is as diverse as any other part of the art world. There are several styles of tattoos to choose from the abstract to the realistic. You can choose tattoos that fit your personal style and taste in art. Among one of the most popular types of tattoos is portrait tattoos. Here’s a brief explanation of what these unique tattoos offer from an artistic perspective and why you may want one.

What Is a Portrait Tattoo?

A portrait tattoo as the name suggests is a photo-realistic tattoo that resembles a portrait. These tattoos are often pictures of people the owner has known, cares about, or wants to remember. While many people choose to get tattoos of family members that is not always the case, and you may choose a fictional character or a famous figure you hold in high esteem.

Why You Would Want One

There are many reasons to get a tattoo, some of the most common reasons to get a portrait tattoo can include:

  • As a Memorial: loss is sadly a part of life and everyone has lost someone they care about. You may want to get a tattoo to remember someone dear to you. A portrait tattoo of a beloved family member, friend, romantic partner, or pet can be a lovely reminder of their memory and what they meant to you.
  • Those You Care For: many portrait tattoos are an enduring reminder of the people you value most. A tattoo of your spouse or children means they are never that far from you no matter where you may be. Many people work long hours and some careers take you far from home a portrait tattoo means you have a visual reminder of those you can’t wait to see again.
  • Express Who You Are: not all portrait tattoos are of family members or even people you know. Some choose to get tattoos of famous people they admire, fictional characters they are fond of, and even famous works of art. What matters is that these things mean something to you, form a part of a valuable memory, or reflects a core aspect of how you view the world.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos can be a deeply private thing and portrait tattoos let you show a reminder of something that truly matters to you. No matter what the subject of your tattoo a skilled tattoo artist can create a work of art that is truly striking and reminds you of something valuable every time you see it.

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