Simplify your Business Operations with Advanced Microsoft Dynamics HRM

The important element that any organization requires is an efficient human resource management system. Apart from just managing every aspect of employees, an efficient HR system brings success and productivity to your organization. As you look to simplify your business operations, it makes sense to invest in the latest technology that really optimizes the entire human resource process within your business. With advanced Microsoft gold partner UAE HRM, you can solve HR challenges and make your business succeed in 2021.

Streamline your HR management job and gain significant advantage

If your business has specialized HR management needs, advanced Dynamics HRM provides features that help you simplify business operations. In an age where companies are constantly looking for talent, the importance of advanced Dynamics HRM is more than ever – it is bundled with a set of advanced features and capabilities to streamline complete HR processes, build relationships and enhance workforce productivity. From employee benefits to administration to development, you now can seamlessly manage important aspects related to your employees. Following components in the Dynamics HRM helps you align your advanced needs in 2021.

Benefit lifecycle manager is used to make the benefits effective to each employee. It can be used to create payroll benefit, HR benefit, and payroll deduction setup records. The features offered through the benefit lifecycle manager can be used to create future records for miscellaneous benefits, health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans, employee benefits and deduction, track previous set up records history and more. This process is easy for employees to use and get only options relevant to each specific employee.

Certification, Licensing and Training manager provides a link to skills, training and certification employees possess – it is possible to track employee training, licensing and certifications. It enables the tracking of certifications or licenses to reporting on renewal periods, expiration and more. This helps you to maximize employee potential and bring more productivity to the organization.

Employee health and wellness manager provides the features for tracking the employee health and wellness. You can track information related to employee illness and injury and generate the necessary medical reports. Employee health and wellness component enable you to track immunizations, vaccinations and test requirements related to the injury and illness. Employees can schedule vaccinations, immunizations and tests. With this tool the requirements per employee can be easily recorded and tracked – helping you to focus on each employee specifically.

Whatever your HR needs, Advanced Dynamics HRM provides you with the tools to professionally manage your employees. These capabilities of Dynamics HRM and ERP solution providers in UAE offer more flexibility that benefits you in many different scenarios, thus helping you save time and cost, improve productivity and efficiency.

Other key features of Dynamics 365 HRM

  • Dynamics HRM automates important tasks and thus reduce the manual errors to a great extent.
  • It enables each employee to take right action and helps your team operate in an efficient manner
  • Accessing real-time data helps you take proactive approach to resolve issues quickly
  • With Dynamics HRM you can encourage employees to promote their careers and can take their personal development seriously
  • Dynamics 365 HRM simplifies the recruitment process. From posting notifications to talent hunting to interviews, the whole process is simple.
  • You can improve planning strategy, and make informed, quicker decisions and optimize workforce costs
  • Connect with other Microsoft Dynamics applications and manage workloads on a single integrated platform

Dynamics HRM is highly effective to create a positive and collaborative environment. If you long to bring success, it is worthwhile to deploy “Advanced Dynamics HRM”. You can tap into the opportunities that the solution offers to the advantage of your business.

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