Smoking is considered to be one of the bad habits that can adversely affect the health of the smokers. Lots of men and women now become addicted to this habit of smoking tobacco products. As a result, soon they start experiencing the ill effects of smoking on their health. Even the non-smokers staying close to them suffer from the negative consequences of passive smoking, as they are forced to inhale the harmful smoke of nicotine released by the smokers. Hence, it is highly important for the addicted people to quit smoking altogether, which is not an easy task. So, they need to take part in the quit smoking programs, which are medically planned for helping the smokers overcome their smoking habit.

Important Health Benefits of participating in Quit Smoking Programs:

  • Improves lung capacity – The lungs are the most affected parts of the body that can be heavily damaged from the smoke of nicotine. Prolonged smoking is most likely to give rise to several serious lung ailments, including lung cancer that is quite fatal. When a person quits smoking completely, he soon feels his lungs to be much lighter and it becomes easier for him to breath. The lung capacity increases after quitting the smoking habit and the concerned person can walk or run around for longer time without becoming breathless.
  • Betterment of cardiac health – Damaged lungs may lead to the serious ill health of the heart of the smoker. As one joins the quit smoking programs, the risk of cardiac attack diminishes to a considerable extent. The nicotine smoke coagulates the blood to a hazardous level and as the person quits smoking, the blood promptly returns to the normal thinner state within a few weeks. The thinning of the blood also helps in controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol level, due to better blood flow through the blood vessels.
  • Increases the physical energy – When a person quits his smoking habit completely, his health starts improving and within a few weeks, he feels more energized due to the uninterrupted flow of oxygen all through the body. Moreover, the lesser number of ailments make the concerned person more energetic and active.
  • Enhances the fertility in women – Now many women become addicted to smoking cigarettes from their young age. The nicotine has a tremendous bad effect on their fertility and prevents their chances of pregnancy. So, it becomes impossible for them to conceive unless they join the useful quit smoking programs and stop smoking completely. The level of estrogenic, the fertility hormone, returns to normal levels after they quit smoking.
  • Strengthens the immunity system – Overcoming the addiction to nicotine helps the body to regain normalcy in blood cell count. The blood flow is improved within a few weeks of quitting smoking, due to which the nutrients and oxygen are more easily transported to all parts of the body. Hence, the overall immunity power of the body is highly improved that helps in curing many ailments that were caused due to smoking.
  • Slows down the ageing process – The effect of nicotine causes untimely wrinkles on the skin, making the smoker look much older than his actual age. However, on quitting the smoking, people can regain their smoother, younger and wrinkle-free skin. Moreover, the greater supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells through the blood makes the skin glow as a result of improved health.

When the smokers overcome their smoking addiction, they also save the life of their friends and family members, who would otherwise reap the ill effects of nicotine due to passive smoking.

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