Nowadays, many people look for a profitable home-based business like AdvoCare to earn a substantial income. AdvoCare is a company that’s known for selling dietary supplements, energy drinks, and weight loss products. With this kind of business, you become an independent distributor and earn a profit doing the business. If you want to find out more about how you can gain income, here’s what you need to know about AdvoCare’s pay scale.

AdvoCare’s List of Business Opportunities

AdvoCare is a multilevel marketing company that may potentially change a person’s life and may be the road toward financial freedom. Although this statement may be true for some, the same may not be applied to others as it can be said about purchasing a lottery ticket. Below are some ways to earn with AdvoCare:

1. Retail sales

Through AdvoCare, you may do the most straightforward way of earning a profit. Under their compensation plan, distributors are given the privilege to directly buy the products at a price that is typically lower than the suggested retail price. You just have to sell the products to customers who are willing to get them at the suggested retail price to earn profit.

If you want to know more about people’s experience with AdvoCare, online resources like provide reviews about the company.

2. Incentives

Apart from retail profit, AdvoCare’s pay scale offers incentives to active members and distributors. This is their way of rewarding those top performers who have worked hard at selling products.

However, it’s important to know that these incentives aren’t in the form of cash; they can be a vacation package, a new electronic gadget, and any other benefits. Another thing worth knowing is AdvoCare incentives can be given by the company itself or the top distributors to motivate their members to strive a little harder and make more sales.

3. Wholesale commission

This can be one of the easiest ways to gain profit and become rich. When the people in your group or downlines purchase products, the difference between the discount levels is the amount you earn as a wholesale commission. However, it’s important to bear in mind that in order to qualify for the said commission from your downline, he or she shouldn’t have the same level of discount as you.

All new distributors automatically receive a 20% discount, and you can qualify for more substantial discounts once your personal volume (PV) grows. When we say PV, it’s the overall retail value of the AdvoCare products that you and your downlines purchase.

4. Overrides

You can only avail of this pay scale when you become an advisor. This means you can receive overrides for every business volume your downline generates. It’s important to note that AdvoCare’s products have a designated business volume value. So, check your downline’s generated BV (business volume) to see if you’re qualified to get overrides.

5. Leadership bonuses

You can receive leadership bonuses once you become a leader. The sales generated by your downline will serve as your commission, and as time goes by, these bonuses may grow depending on the selling performance of your downline. You’ll get paid by the difference between your downline’s leadership bonus and yours. However, you should understand that the accumulation of leadership bonuses may take time depending on how your downline works to earn a profit.

6. All-in purchase and rookie bonus

Selling supplements is like selling from home, and it can be a challenging task if you don’t have a good understanding of the business itself. With an overly saturated market, distributors will pay attention to recruiting people and encouraging them to go with an all-in purchase of products. For every sale, you receive a commission; your downlines also earn when they get other people to make an all-in purchase.

The AdvoCare pay scale also offers a rookie bonus whereby the highest-earning new distributors for the first year will receive a bonus every pay period.

AdvoCare Pay Scale: Is it a Pyramid Scam?

Although for most people multilevel marketing companies are synonymous with illegal pyramid schemes, they are actually considered legal provided there are products linked to them and they meet all legal requirements set by the government regarding business operations. The tricky part lies in believing that the company’s pay scale can make one very wealthy in a short amount of time and is the only solution. In business, success entails patience and a lot of hard work.

Moreover, if you’re a distributor, you may need to submit a sales compliance to avoid legal issues. If you fail to satisfy this requirement, AdvoCare may have the right to expel you from the organization, and as a result, you lose the opportunity to get future payments.


As with all business opportunities, you may need to take some risks for you to be successful at making a good income out of it. Moreover, you should also take some time to get to know the products, the marketing plan, the target market, and your commitment before you sign any paperwork. With all things considered, you’ll be able to determine whether AdvoCare is the right business opportunity for you.

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