As you are willing to buy an angle grinder, you need to know three types of grinders available in the market- petrol engine angle grinder, air-powered angle grinder, and electrical angle grinder. In this piece, we are going to talk about air angle grinders only.

We will state some common uses of this machine and some tips on how to buy the right grinder for your use, in this blog. You will get to know everything necessary for a perfect purchase. So, let’s start with buying tips.

Buying Tips

As you are in the market or searching only for the right air angle grinders for your job, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to have a successful purchase:

  • Size– The first thing is to consider the size of the machine. You need to be able to use it whenever needed. It should be convenient for you to handle it.
  • Weight– Weight is another thing you can check before the purchase. If it is heavy, it might be possible that you won’t be able to handle it easily.
  • Discs– Check the discs you are getting with the machine. It should include all the discs you need to finish your job.
  • Quality– Do not forget to consider the quality of the product. It needs to be durable and help you finish your job smoothly without getting damaged.
  • Warranty– It is good to go for air angle grinders that are available with a warranty period because it will help you to save some money at times of damage or servicing.
  • Features– Look into the features with which the machine is made. You should prefer machines that are easy to understand and use. It shouldn’t feel complicated to use it.
  • Price– Have a budget in your mind and then start looking for the machine. It shouldn’t be too cheap or expensive to compromise with its quality or empty your pocket.
  • Reviews– If you want to have the best air angle grinders at your workplace, make sure you are reading the reviews before buying them. It will give you an idea about the quality, features, and usage of the product. You will know if you should go for this product or not.

Air Angle Grinders

So, keep all these points in mind and then start your hunt to get what you were looking for. 

Some Common Uses of Air Angle Grinders

Here are some uses of air-powered angle grinders depending on the discs attached:

  • Grinding: You can use it as a grinder by gently putting some pressure on the machine to smoothen the material as per your requirement. You can easily use it to prepare a surface or remove material.
  • Cutting: If you are using the machine with a cutter, you will use this small-sized wheel for pipe precision or metal cutting.
  • Sanding: Using a sanding disc will allow you to do the woodwork with perfection. You can use it to do whatever you want to with wood.
  • Deburring: Using the right disc helps in dealing with the pestilent burrs or material leftovers. It is the most convenient disc you will have.
  • Chamfering: With appropriate disc, you will be able to use the machine for creating bevels and grooves.
  • Weld removal: You can even use this machine to smoothen the welded joints whenever needed. 


So, you can buy it without thinking about the usage in your workplace because it offers you various uses.

Do not forget to consider all the necessary factors at the time of purchase. And, do not compromise with the quality of air angle grinders because of the price.

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