CLEVELAND, OH — Coffee, it’s the first word I think of upon waking each morning. I cannot wait for the smell to waft from the coffee pot, the liquid to pour into my cup, and the first sweet sip of heaven’s nectar. Some may think this is a little much, and some may call me an addict, but I prefer the word enthusiast. I recently encountered another enthusiast who is helping bring artisan coffee to the Cleveland area.

Meet Nick Conway of Anchor and Forge Coffee Co. Nick is an Ohio City local, who along with his business partner Greg Turner founded Anchor and Forge. The original idea was to have this as a lifestyle brand with a uniquely Cleveland name. Anchor and Forge refers to the steel industry and the ships that came in to support it, and their motto is “The superior choice for all voyages.”

The idea all started in 2017 but only came to fruition in May 2020. One would think that the beginning of a pandemic would be a bad time to start a business, however with inability for people to travel and get out, home brewing and a demand for high quality coffee beans turned this into a successful venture.

So how was it that an idea for a lifestyle brand became a coffee supplier? It all started with a coast-to-coast bike ride supporting the Ulman Foundation which aids young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer. While biking along, he would stop at little places for a shot of espresso and continue along the journey. This encouraged him to learn more about the brew that he loved.

Anchor and Forge Coffee Co contracts out to a friend and local coffee roaster to ensure the best quality roasts are prepared fresh for consumption. They currently have 7 whole bean varieties available, 2 are blends and the other 5 are single origin varieties. You can purchase these on their website or at one of the local stores that carry their brand such as Lake Road Market in Rock River, Cuyahoga Collective in Lakewood, or The Grocery in Ohio City.

I have tasted their coffee and must say it is delicious! But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see if it is the superior choice for your voyage. You can purchase from Anchor and Forge Coffee Co on their website at

Keep up to date with future events and see what other local stores carry them by following their Facebook and Instagram.


You can learn about the Ulman Foundation by visiting their website.


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