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Aleister Black Should Be The Real King Of The Cruiserweights

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The WWE is finding success with wrestlers from outside promotions. Names such as A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Roode have taken the company by storm. Yet, there is on the NXT roster who could be the biggest of them all, Aleister Black.

Formerly Tommy End, Black has been a revelation for NXT. The 32-year-old from the Netherlands is the hottest act in the promotion. His dark and mysterious gimmick, and interesting in-ring style, have put him over with the WWE Universe.

It’s not clear when Black will make his debut on the main roster. If WWE were smart they would move him up rather quickly. He’s obviously ready for the bright lights of either Smackdown Live or RAW. However, that’s not where Black would be best utilized.

205 Live is in desperate need of some star power. Sure they’ve got Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, TJP, and others, but the only credible superstar on that roster is Neville. It’s time WWE shake things up and place Aleister Black on 205 Live.

At some point there needs to be more experienced wrestlers on 205 Live. WWE already botched Austin Aries, and needs to make amends for that. Black is the perfect choice to hold the Cruiserweight belt. He’s got that “It” factor many don’t have.

It wouldn’t be bad for business if Black is launched into the title picture right away on 205 Live. Without any major talent to face Neville, and the lack of a major superstar, Black could fill both of those voids.

If WWE decides that Black isn’t what they see for a cruiserweight wrestler, it’s always possible they put him on the main 205 roster or an extended stay on NXT. It’s just so hard to deny him the chance to be the main guy on 205 Live. And with so many superstars crowding the Smackdown and RAW scene, his inclusion to the Cruiserweight division will give him the greatest exposure.

WWE needs to do something about 205 Live. New talent is needed, and bringing in someone like Aleister Black will definitely boost ratings. Let’s see if Vince McMahon wises up and gives the Cruiserweight’s, and Neville, a worthy challenger.

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