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Alexander Jean Ojjeh: Former Hedge Fund Manager Allegedly Paid Woman He Meet On Instagram For Loyalty and Sex

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An unidentified master’s student living in London claims to have met Alex Ojjeh, a hedge funder on Instagram after the pair exchanged messages. She claims that she was swept off her feet by him and he eventually became less romantic.

In fact, Alex was cold, possessive controlling and manipulative. Since the investor has deleted his Instagram but is still using Twitter. According to the woman Alex Ojjeh is a textbook narcissist with sociopathic tendencies.

She admits that she was taken in by his charms and believed Ojjeh was kind. She says her own feelings of love towards Ojjeh were genuine, but he was seducing other women at the same time he was seeing her.

He now faces charges in the United States, where he is on trial for bribing foreign officials to secure deals, but this is how their love story went.


Dating Alex Ojjeh

“He tried to meet me several times, to which I declined because he had a cocky way of speaking. He told me his name was Allen. When I finally agreed to meet him, he sent me his driver’s license showing me his real name, Alexander. His assistant didn’t want me meeting him without knowing who he was. She was nice and made me feel comfortable.

I agreed to meet him and he flew me into New York on a private plane. He told me to pack an overnight bag, yes told. He insisted on purchasing all new clothes for me asking for my size and measurements.

Right from the beginning of getting to know him, it was clear he was in control. Hearing I liked a certain wine, it was in the room when I arrived along with shopping bags on the bed. He had a Balmain dress and Prada shoes laid out for me. His assistant booked me a room separate to his so I would be “comfortable” as she put it, but it was clear Alex didn’t want me sleeping in it. We drove to dinner in his Ferrari he was a gentleman, he complimented me often and he opened doors.

At dinner he was entertaining, whispering in my ear how he couldn’t wait to see me take the dress off later. And he did, again and again eventually. He was easy to like. He wasn’t overly flashy, he was cocky, but he just seemed like a genuine guy. I loved his smell, his conversation, he made me laugh so hard my jaws would hurt. Everything he said sounded good coming from his southern accent. On our first date I was texting my friends at the same time like in a group chat just like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on,'” she said.

She said she didn’t sleep with him on the first night, but ultimately, she did.

“He had a gigantic sex drive and wanted it frequently,” the woman told Nightline. “He really did like rough sex. He loved spanking me and loved to pull my hair. He liked to talk dirty, but hair-pulling was what really turned him on. I won’t go into much details about what he liked in the bedroom. The rest of the stuff we did in the bedroom I’ll keep private.”

“He gave me money to spend on Louboutin’s, Gucci, Hermes and accommodation at the Ritz Carlton and at the conservatorium in The Netherlands, but despite the charm, he quickly became jealous insisting that I stop receiving money from other men. Even though I did not have anyone in my life at the time, he always thought I did. I mentioned to him over the phone I had a car repair which he immediately accused me of having a man pay for.

I told him that I paid for it myself and he requested to see me that Friday. He had his assistant arrange my flight to land in Miami. We weren’t in the car ride 2 minutes before he made me pull up my bank account in front of him to show him, I wasn’t lying. After I proved it to him and deleted my Instagram, he said he would send me $10k a week and he started inviting me to social events.”

$315,000 was spent on the AMEX between their time together. Nov 2 and Jan 25. The woman told Nightline that he also would leave cash in the room for her to the sum of $5,000 after each date. This is on top of the $10,000 that she took from Ojjeh for their monthly agreement.

“He came to visit me when he could, but more often than not, he flew me to where he was. He would always allude that I was safe around him because I had questions that he would never answer but I always felt there was an element of danger in his job that kept him carrying a weapon at all times. There were times when he was playful, but also times where he was extremely serious.

Alex would manipulate me into not going to parties or out to eat with my girlfriends when I was back home away from him. If I refused to see him because of something he said or did, he would always send roses and gifts.”

At one point, she said he told her she couldn’t go to any parties with her friends and should stay inside because of threats he was receiving,

“He definitely had a “mask” he wore around people. I just think he was used to having his employees do everything he said, he seemed to never take no for an answer. Occasionally he would talk to me like I worked for him.

When he was sober, he was incredible and kind of arrogant, but I enjoyed it. This was the first time where I felt like, ‘Oh my god I sincerely like him. And it appears that he sincerely likes me back as well,'” She said.

“All was going fine after the first month and then it didn’t. When he got too drunk or high, he would display odd behavior and start to think things were happening that weren’t and just make things up in his mind.  One night we were out with his business partners, they were drinking and discussing business over dinner. I had two glasses of wine, so I had a feel-good effect. I liked to tease him and get him turned on because sometimes he would break and trail me to the restroom.

I went to the restroom and as I walked back to the table, he believed I flirted with a man at the bar, so he approached the man and made him leave. The man was trying to leave, and Alex refused to let him leave until he apologized for looking at me. He got a huge kick out of bullying men when we were out. He just makes them uncomfortable and scares everyone away. When we got back to the room, he blamed me for everything, saying the way I was dressed produced the attention.

He shouted at me and called me names and threw (very lavish things) he brought me off the balcony, I started crying, he shouted more then he left the room. He came back minutes later and gave me a huge hug and said, “You’re so amazing” We cuddled, watched ‘Angel Has Fallen,’ then had sex. The next day I received diamond bracelets, a Rolex watch and a Hermes Birkin 30. He was very dysfunctional and manipulative.”

“That’s the toughest part of it … when I gathered that he wasn’t the nice guy I thought he was, That the person that I thought that I knew and loved, he had some evil ways.” Another time we were at a gathering and he got upset since I walked away from him while he was speaking, and he grabbed my wrist and told me to sit down. He said I wasn’t going anywhere.  He just has a lack of respect for women and gets mad over the tiniest things. He has some anger issues. Eventually we went our separate ways.” She said

“He continually tried to get me to stay,” she said. “One evening we were out, and it was the first time in my life that I had gotten such a shudder that my body physically was telling me that, ‘OK cut him off for good or he’ll keep making you cry,’ everything came crashing down around me.” It’s nice to look back and reminisce onn those wild and crazy nights and just be thankful I’m not with him anymore.”

For now, the woman remains in London and has been rebuilding her life. She told Nightline that she got back on Instagram in March, when the news of Ojjeh’s trial broke she said she wasn’t shocked and that she believes the media attention was an important factor in leading to them reopening his case.




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