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Project location is in Dubai, UAE and situated on an elevated residential plot. The villa bears the signature of Algedra and is distinguished for its ultra islamic contemporary style. The company made it a point to make the villa standout with its interiors.

This was an individual concept which embodies functionality and luxury together. Harmony of components blending elegance and stunning features with use of each element that makes an appealing ambiance.

Before starting this villa project, Algedra held major construction plans to put together the execution part for reviewing and implementing various phases to avoid any halted and buried in unnecessary details. As a result of a meticulous interior design plan, execution  was successful which kept the project moving forward and produced on time deliverable for a 360 hours task field.

Algedra’s properly built plans helped keep teams on track by focusing on the important details, saving teams hours of time for this fully interior design project.

‘’Every project comes within pros and cons, but to eliminate these challenges, we have to start to underline needs and requirements to handover a healthy structure to the clients. This is what makes us stand out among the interior design market’’ says Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group.

On entering the villa, the first impression gives us a grandeur look and the entrance hallway creates an exclusive atmosphere, right across the main entrance, floating stairs welcome us by leading from the ground to the second floor.

Staircases with floating steps and gold accents bring better visual connectivity. The massive concrete structure behind the staircase spans across  two floors with expansive windows on the back cover for visual lightness. This allows sunlight into the villa, and  illuminates the entire common space.

Interiors are dominated by bright colors – blue details, shade of ivory in the dining room, middle eastern air and islamic ornaments in the majlis.  A unique adorn on the walls is the highest point in the entrance hallway. White brings in a feeling of purity, while the neutral and soft hues give a calm sensibility.

Living room was designed in a color scheme of blue, taupe and ivory to give the room an earthy touch, and in addition adding grey long curtains broke the monotony.

Bedroom has been done in shades of yellow, rust, and grey keeping in mind the aesthetics of the house. The rust classic details help create a visual festive in the room. The bed back in handcrafted ornaments has been designed and placed in a way to give a royalty effect.

Use of classic furnishings was the final touch to compose unique retouching, and tuck its owners into these chic and calming spaces.

‘’As per project we evaluate the need of clients to reflect utmost attention to details and each plan executes in line with this preference. Result is mostly satisfactory for clients. While implementing such handcrafted pieces, finding suitable colors and thinking on the same level with homeowners is vital due to our company mission and vision. Therefore turning a dream home come true for owners  as best as we can with love and passion is always our core value.’’ says Head of Design, Tareq Skaik.

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