Wine tasting is an act of evaluating flavors of blended ingredients for an indulging experience. This evaluation is done by experts who have many years of experience and often have certifications that prepare them to judge the quality and value of wines. John Jackson is a lawyer by profession, but also recently received his prestigious level 4 DipWSET certification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (“WSET).  John’s social media presence has expanded rapidly and he has a significant presence on both Instagram and Twitter (@AttorneySomm), as well as his own YouTube channel, Attorney Somm where he posts creative content related to wine.

John has been a wine enthusiast and collector for more than 15 years, but became interested in social media only a few years ago.  Due to his unique combination of practical experience and knowledge obtained through his WSET courses, his social media presence grew quickly on Instagram (@AttorneySomm). John’s following also grew quickly because of his extensive travel to wine-producing regions and his ability to offer insightful wine recommendations at a wide variety of price points to his followers and subscribers.

John grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and went to business school to pursue his degree. After completing, John went to law school at the University of Illinois. He moved to Dallas and became an accomplished attorney, specializing in intellectual property law and data privacy. Now, John is a partner with a large law firm known as Jackson Walker, where he has represented many big companies in patent litigation, a highly competitive field.

His social media influencing journey begins with an interest in wine tasting. John came across a wine from Napa ordered by his partner from the law firm on a business dinner. He was instantly intrigued by the enriching taste and aroma of the wine. John decided to visit wineries in Napa to explore more wine bottles. He took out time from his professional life to pursue his hobby of wine tasting by expanding his wineries visits to Spain, Italy, and France. After tasting many wines and champagnes from various places, John began taking courses with the WSET to become a better blind taster and learn more about the entire world of wine. John now has received the level 1-3 WSET certifications as well as his level 4 diploma, which is a rigorous, 6-unit program that generally takes at least two years to complete.

Attorney Somm (You Tube) and AttorneySomm (IG and Twitter) is an interactive and engaging social media account on different platforms run by John Jackson. He is motivated to share his wine collection and wine tasting expertise with others through his content. John posts regular blog reviews about wines that can be paired well for business dinners and other events for his followers. His Instagram has more than 17 k+ followers who love his informative yet fascinating wine content.

John posts various video content on YouTube about wine tasting, wine pairing, wine values, and wine education. His tasting observations are always insightful for the viewers to learn. He has also collaborated with many wine businesses.  For example, John has worked with Dr. Tiffany Moon, from The Real Housewives of Dallas, to create a number of wine-related videos.  These entertaining videos include celebrity wine reviews as well as a video that helped Dr. Moon promote her newly launched wine label –Three Moons Wine.



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