Toronto native AMPLFY is making significant progress in the world of music. AMPLFY knew that music would be his calling when he was a kid. Since he discovered his voice at the age of five, AMPLFY has constantly worked on improving his craft, day in and day out. AMPLFY is highly hands-on in its music creation process. He composes all the lyrics and picks out the melody he uses to create his beats. The dedication AMPLFY has shown is beginning to be rewarded hugely, as he’s quickly becoming a household name.


AMPLFY is an independent musician. He makes music that is raw, real, and inspirational. Through many challenging situations in his life, AMPLFY draws from his experiences and struggles to inspire the lyrics. The AMPLFY singer hopes that through his music, he will be able to inspire others and become a source of light to anyone experiencing a challenging period. If you hear his songs, you will listen to that AMPLFY “Wants people to be aware of my story and how I got to get the person I am now. Many people are aware of our achievements today but are unaware of the hardships and sacrifices I’ve faced to get there. If people hear my songs, I want them to feel comfortable and part of their family and friends.”


AMPLFY released his most potent single, “Living It Up.” He’s developing the music video that will be released in June. “Living It Up” was made up of the best times of life. This is only the beginning of AMPLFY, as he has many summer-themed songs he will release this year. Keep an eye on AMPLFY via Instagram for updates on all new releases and listen to “Living It Up” on Spotify.

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